‘I Do Not Listen To My Kids’ Opinions’: Jessica Alba Spills On Her Family’s Summer Holiday Plans

by Alison Coldridge |

It’s not just us ‘normal’ parents finalising the details of our family getaways – actress Jessica Alba is currently doing the same. And despite her no doubt healthy bank account, the mum-of-two reveals that her holiday plans aren’t all that different from ours…

When planning her family’s holiday this year, there’s one thing Jessica Alba hasn't done – ask her two daughters where they would like to go.

'I do not listen to my kids’ opinions,’ the actress told People magazine. ‘When they pay for the vacation, they get to dictate where we go. Until then, Mom and Dad are in charge. It would be Disneyland every day — that would be the worst vacation ever!’

The actress, who’s mum to Honor Marie, five, and Haven Garner, two, has revealed that she and her husband Cash Warren will be making the trip to France, to stay in Cash’s mum’s house.

'When they pay for the vacation, they get to dictate where we go. Until then, Mom and Dad are in charge.'

‘There’s so much lavender and greenery, she has a couple acres out there so the kids run around and it’s really nice living that country lifestyle for a little bit,’ says Jessica.

The Fantastic Four actress admits that time alone with her family can be difficult to schedule in, because of her acting work and commitments to her business The Honest Company.

‘I feel like I just had the best time with my kids with no distractions and no work this weekend and now I have to go away,’ says Jessica. ‘It sucks. I want to just be home. I just try to do the best I can and try to surround them with love and support when I can’t be there. It’s tough because you obviously want to be home with them, but it’s also important that we’re here at the company.’

But Jessica and her business partner Christopher Gavigan have made sure that their office is a place that their children love visiting.

‘The kids can come in and have lunch with us or they can come in for even 20 minutes [and] we can play with them,’ says Jessica. ‘Whenever they think of “Mom’s office,” it’s a fun place for them to go and they’re excited about where I work.’

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