Legoland opens Heartlake City

Heartlake City at Legoland

by Emma Bailey |

Just how toddler-friendly is the new addition to Legoland? M&B went to find out…

We're guessing your tot is too young to be on first-name terms with the characters that make up the band of Lego Friends*.

But don't let that put you off taking her to Legoland Windsor's new Heartlake City attraction, based on the brand, which opened on May 23. It is aimed at older kids – its only new ride has a minimum height restriction of 1.2metres – but there's lots that will appeal to little ones too.

For starters, the new show, 'Friends to the Rescue!' is great fun. Admittedly, all the toddlers watching the show we caught seemed more impressed with the swirling water-fountain effects than all the high-energy, jazz-handed singing and dancing, but it was entertaining nonetheless. In Olivia's House, we brought Lego to life on-screen via tot-friendly interactive consoles and, even better, spent a whole heap of time kicking virtual Lego bricks projected on to the floor out of our way.

There were plenty of larger-than-life-size models of characters, puppies and ponies that the kids could touch, pat and pose next to. And a gentle train ride on the Heartlake City Express was fun for all ages.

The extensive revamp given to the existing lakeside area to create this new attraction makes this a far nicer spot for the family to hang out, with a row of pretend shops in primary colours lending it a real air of make-believe. With an ice-cream parlour and patches of artificial grass just right for a picnic, it's a good place for a break.

But best of all – and we had to go back to see it again and again was the Lego dolphin that leapt (well, emerged slowly in a mechanical loop) out of the lake. Magical? It is if you're two-and-a-half.

*We're advised that Lego Friends mania is at some point unavoidable if you have a little girl. Best you learn the characters' names now then: Olivia, Mia, Andrea, Emma and Stephanie.

  • Admission to Legoland costs from £36 for adults and from £32.85 for children (advance online booking). Under-threes are admitted free of charge. For more details, visit

Look out for the royal baby

A mini-model of Princess Charlotte, made from just three bricks, in a double buggy with her big brother, now sits outside Buckingham Palace in the Miniland area of Legoland.

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