Make Your Long Car Journeys More Bearable

How to make car journeys more enjoyable for all

by Charlie Crouch |

A new survey reveals the biggest causes of bickering on long car journeys

A recent survey by children’s car seat company BubbleBum revealed the real reasons why long car journeys can become a living hell, and how you can make sure your family stays happy on your holiday travels.

We all know that travelling with youngsters can be a hassle, especially if you have more than one, and bickering siblings is often a large cause for stress on long car journeys. This is almost inevitable, but keeping your kids entertained may prevent any arguing between them.

It was also discovered that 72% of parents row and bicker with each other during their travels, so if you do, don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal.

If you want a peaceful journey, it may be a little wiser to use a GPS than an actual map, and let it do the navigating for you. While just 29% of parents attributed satnav issues as the main cause of their stress, this rose to 58% when they were reliant on a physical map.

Your kids will probably ask “are we there yet?” within just 10 minutes of your journey

The survey also revealed that your kids will probably ask the dreaded question “are we there yet?” within just 10 minutes of your journey. If that isn’t enough, 57% of respondents said their children asked that same question at least 6 times during a two-hour car trip. Making sure that they have plenty to do and keeping them occupied may make your journey just a little more bearable.

Make sure that everyone has been to the loo before you leave, have enough to eat, drink and plenty of entertainment such as games and puzzles. Also, try to make sure that everyone gets their music choice on the radio at least for some parts of the journey – 33% of people accounted this as a big reason for arguments. Four-wheeled flare-ups are bound to happen at some point, but you can at least try to keep them to a minimal.

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