Stress-Free Flights With Little Ones (Yes, Really)

by Smith & Family |

Think plane travel might be too tricky with babies or toddlers in tow? Don’t give up just yet…

With a bit of forward planning, holidaying with a toddler needn’t mean endless staycations.

Fiona Bickmore, senior consultant at child-friendly travel experts Smith & Family, shares her top tips on stress-free flying en famille.

Leave home excessively early...

… so you can arrive in the nick of time. Unexpected shuttles, broken travelators and packed lifts stand between you and the check-in desk. Plan to leave early, then leave earlier still.

Pack the essentials

Don’t leave home without snacks, wipes and extra post-spill clothes. Invest in toddler headphones and try the Putumayo Kids world music CDs as a sanity-saving alternative to The Wheels on the Bus.

Sort the seating

Pay a bit extra to avoid scrambling for seats - Easyjet and Ryanair are launching allocated seating on all flights.

Aisle seats let you escape quickly to the loos, while windows are great for restorative naps.

Be kind (it might come in handy later…)

Let’s face it, who wants to sit next to a squirming toddler? Smile at your neighbours and the flight attendants – you never know when you’ll need a helping hand or an extra glass of wine.

Limit the jet lag

Time long-haul trips to land when it’s still light, so your toddlers can run around after being cooped up on the plane. Sunshine can help your family adjust, so get out there and make the most of it.

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