10 questions to ask before putting your kids online, according to Mummy bloggers

by Georgia Aspinall |

You would­n’t be blamed for hav­ing the urge to put your little ones online.

When you have a gag­gle of the adorable chil­dren (in your opin­ion), and you’re al­ready shar­ent­ing any­way - if you can make a bit of ex­tra cash out of it, what’s the harm? Mummy blog­gers of­ten get a bad rep - some­times for good rea­son, some­times not. But could you ever do it your­self?

And more point­edly, what can we learn about putting our kids on­line, from the women who do it day-in-day-out?

Grazia spoke to mummy blog­gers Hat­tie Har­ri­son and Louise Clarke to find out.

With Hat­tie’s That Mum Blog open­ing up hon­est, and hi­lar­i­ous, con­ver­sa­tions about par­ent­ing, she’s forged a ca­reer in com­edy writ­ing off of her jour­ney as a shar­enter. And Louise? Her award win­ning Mum Of Boys & Ma­bel blog has gar­nered get 65,000 fol­low­ers on Facebook and led to the pub­li­ca­tion of her first novel, From Mum With Love, out next Feb­ru­ary. Both very well aware of the ups and downs of mummy blog­ging, here’s what they ad­vise ask­ing be­fore do­ing it your­self…

10 questions to ask before putting your kids online:

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1) Am I just doing it to show off?

‘Sounds like an ob­vi­ous ques­tion but ask­ing “why” you’re do­ing it is su­per help­ful to have a modus operandi be­fore start­ing a Mum Blog,’ says Hat­tie, ‘If you are do­ing it for fi­nan­cial gain then be clear about your strat­egy and how you are go­ing to make money, ad­verts? In­sta­gram? Af­fil­i­ate links?

‘If you are do­ing it along­side an­other rel­e­vant job then be clear about how your ex­per­tise are rel­e­vant. Are you a teacher? A styl­ist? A baker? A can­dle stick maker? Tell your read­ers why they can trust you to sup­ply them with spe­cific in­for­ma­tion, oth­er­wise they’ll be in­clined to find it else­where.

‘If you are do­ing it to gain ex­pe­ri­ence in or­der to break into an­other ca­reer then be clear about what makes your blog dif­fer­ent from the start - is it par­tic­u­larly well writ­ten? If you want to be a writer then make sure that it is. Is it funny? If you want to be a co­me­dian then it’s ba­si­cally the only en­try re­quire­ment, so again - make sure that it is.

‘If you are do­ing it solely to show off about your fam­ily and how great they are then I’m pretty sure that there are plenty of self-help groups, and pri­vate set­tings, avail­able.

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