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A brief history of Prince George peering through windows

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Fact: Prince George peering through windows is the best Prince George of all. 

What was Prince George, a well-documented devotee of shorts and fan of Fireman Sam, thinking about as he squished his nose against the aeroplane window and looked down through the glass, about to fly home from the royal tour of Canada?

Was he surveying the land that will one day be his, like Simba looking down from Pride Rock? Was he internally bemoaning the royal plane's lack of in-flight entertainment options?

Given that the Prince was a. three years old at the time and b. probably distracted by the sheer majesty of his noise-cancelling headphones, we’ll never know for sure. 

So here's to Prince George, most relatable of royals. May he stare thoughtfully through windows for many, many years to come.

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1) George: 'I know, I know, it's Aunty Pippa's wedding, but can we all just agree that you're really here to see me!' 
Us: 'Yes' 

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2) 'OH! What's occurring?' 

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3) When you're a young, carefree royal baby, living your best life

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4) When that 'effortless' Instagram pose is a nightmare to recreate IRL

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5) When everyone else is ordering halloumi fries, but you've given up dairy

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6) 'So you're trying to tell me that ordinary people travel like this, every day?'

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7) 'Look, Charlotte. Everything the light touches is our kingdom'

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8) 'Mum, these children are stealing my signature pose!'

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9) That face when you realise that your parents have given your baby brother one of your middle names

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10) 'As the private plane took off into the Canadian skies, I couldn't help but wonder: was I born adorable, or did I have adorableness thrust upon me?'

This piece was written by Katie Rosseinsky and appeared on Grazia.

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