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Whether you have a Christmas due date or are just a tiny bit curious about why December babies are so special, this is for you. 

Here are 7 wonderful facts about your little December-born babies: 

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1) They could live up to 100

Babies born in October, November and December are likely to outlive those born in Spring and Summer, according to a study from the University of Chicago. They found this by measuring the effects of the month they are born against the chances of living to the age of 100. 
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2) They are likely to be athletic

Your little one is likely to be good at physical activity, keeping them motivated to stay healthy and get involved in sports later down the line. Babies born in the colder months tend to have slightly bigger bones and muscle mass, which was found by the International Journal of Sports Medicine
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3) Big baby

If they're born before Christmas, they are likely to be BIG. November and December babies are likely to weigh more at birth than summer babies and, they'll be taller and heavier later in life. Harvard University found this in 2005 as it revealed that birth weight is known to fluctuate with the season they are born.
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4) They will be sound asleep quicker - yay!

You'll feel some relief after reading this fact! Autumnal babies will fall to sleep much quicker according to a study. December babies are proven to be sleepy heads, making life a whole lot easier. 
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5) They could be a lefty!

Yes, they could be left-handed. A study from 2014 found that November and early December boys are likely to be left-handed, which is down to them having higher levels of testosterone. These high levels slow down the left side of the brain, which determines whether they will be right-handed. 
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6) They are less irritable

Being born in winter means a lack of sunshine at the end of the year, making winter babies grumpier, but studies say that they are also less irritable and have fewer tantrums
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7) They'll be checking your teeth in the future

As well as being sleepier, brighter and athletic stars, December and January's babies are likely to become medics when they're older. There's a high chance that your December baby will be a dentist, whereas your January baby could be a GP, according to the Office for National Statistics

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