Mum blogger gives her three-year-old breast milk baths to soothe eczema

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

The Modern Mumma, Mum-of-four Mel Watts, says her daughter's eczema has cleared up and improved after she bathed her in breast milk.

The blogging mummy revealed to her following that her daughter Indie's skin is 'so smooth' in an Instagram post.

Indie has suffered from skin problems since she was just 3-months-old, and Mel has tried all the creams to try and lift the dry skin.

After following a routine of bleach baths and steroid creams to relieve her skin, the blogger tried out a 'boobie milk' bath and it did wonders.

Explaining that it was not her own breastmilk to her followers, Mel said Indie was excited to try it.

After finding how this remedy worked miracles for her daughter, she has urged other mums to try it if they haven't found a solution to their child's skin problems.

The followers who responded to her post were keen to see the results, including mum blogger, Krystal Hipwell said: "I'm so Intrigued to see how this goes hun! Please keep up updated! Poor sunny has eczema all over his back and legs and I also get psoriasis 😭"

Although someone said how inappropriate this was, the majority have been intrigued by her revelation.

Someone even recommended a cream that has worked for their daughter: 'Hey Mel. Have you tried to MooGoo Eczema and Psoriasis cream? It’s literally a miracle cream on my little girl!'

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