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Unless you're one of the lucky ones that we all envy, every month, you'll get the pain that is to be described as being stabbed right in the pit of your stomach, you're crying over nothing, and then you realise, it's your period. 

After having periods for all these years, you've no doubt become an expert on everything from the best sanitary products to perfecting the sleeping position to minimise some of the pain.

But did you know that your voice changes during your time of the month?

Read on for more weird and surprising period facts we guarantee you didn't know already! 

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1) There's a reason we crave chocolate...

During your PMS, right before your period starts, your hormone levels fluctuate, which leads you to crave foods and a rollercoaster of emotions. 
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2) There are more than 380 proteins in your menstrual blood

"That's a lot!" you may think, but actually, there are more than 1,060 types of protein overall. 
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3) You will use over 16,000 sanitary products in your lifetime

Yes! The average woman will use over 16,000 tampons and pads during her lifetime. 
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4) Most women feel weird about talking about periods to men

Yes, women feel uncomfortable talking to partners or male friends about their period struggs. "What's the big deal?" you may say, but only 35 percent of women reported no discomfort in discussing their periods with males, according to a survey by female health app Clue
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5) Disney made a film about periods!! 

Disney's 1940's film The Story of Menstruation is an animation that shows diagrams of the menstrual cycle. It shows women engaged in such activities as bathing, riding a horse, and dancing during their menstrual cycles. The Story of Menstruation is was the first film to use the word "vagina" in its screenplay without illustrating any sexuality nor reproduction. 
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6) We should be having period sex more often

Ok, it's a bit messy, but put a towel down. Having sex during your period, and having orgasms, can release pain-fighting neurotransmitters, like endorphins and oxytocin
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7) You don't have a REAL period when on birth control

If you're taking a contraceptive pill you won't get a real period. Although it may look the same, it will be the lining instead of proper period flow. With this, you won't be losing any eggs when you're on birth control. 
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8) You'll have more than 400 periods!

As you'll be using more than 16,000 products, you're expected to have at least 400 periods during your lifetime. 
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9) The sound of your voice changes when you're on your period

There is evidence that the female voice can change across the course of their menstrual cycles. Vocalisation researchers have found that your female reproductive hormones impact your vocal cords, and can result in the pitch and tone of your voice changing. 
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10) Sleeping with a nightlight can regulate your 'monthly flows'

 Have your periods been irregular for a long time? People have said that light exposure helps control the hormones that decide on when your menstrual cycle begins and ends. Keep the light on during the last two weeks of your cycle. But, don't keep it on during the whole cycle as this can make your periods even more irregular (if possible!) 
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11) Everyone has period stains, don't worry

You think your period has ended, you put on a lovely pair of fresh white pants, and they are ruined. According to THINX, who have designed and produced period-proof pants, 54% percent of 36,000 women said they ruined every pair of underwear they owned from their period. So, there you have it, the majority of us have stained their pants with period blood. 

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