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Supernanny returns next year with new series after 8-year break

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The mission to help struggling parents with badly behaved children across America continues, as Supernanny, Jo Frost, will be making a comeback in the new year, after her eight-year break from television. 

Jo Frost, the nation's favourite child behaviour expert, will be coming back to tackle everything, from putting an end to the worst tantrums to introducing reformed behaviour management strategies. 

The brand new American series will feature 20 episodes where Supernanny will provide her expertise to families who need her help to turn their home lives around. 

The dramatic trailer that was released this week teased the new comeback series, featuring Supernanny as a Bryan Mills character, a parody of Liam Neeson's Taken. She was riding in convoy to confront a wrecked family home. 

She says: "I don't know who you are, but let me tell you what I'm doing here," into the phone.

After she arrives at the scene, she walks into the ruined house and continues: "Dealing with people just like you. If you listen to me now, this whole situation may turn out different for you,"

"But if you don't... Oh if you don't, I will fix that." She is then faced with a girl sitting in an office chair, who whispers to Jo: "Good. Luck."

Ahead of the new series coming to our screens in the new year, Jo Frost said how families are struggling more and more: "I'm looking forward to families across America having access to my parental education surrounding their family challenges, as this country is short on providing the resources, staff and funding families so desperately need in society."

Jo continued to say that the USA has changed: "It is hurting, families are struggling more, families are less confident than ever.

"The style of the show, the family issues are also over a wider spectrum and cover many different global issues… internet has changed much."

Supernanny will be back on January 1st on Lifetime. 

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