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What kind of mum are you according to the day of the week you were born?

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Astrology buffs all know that the month and time you were born can determine your personality, depending on how the planets were aligned on the time of your birth, but what about the day of the week you were born on?

Many believe that the day of the week can have an effect on the kind of person you are and we’re here to decipher exactly what kind of mum you are–or will be–depending on the day of the week you were born.

What the day of the week you were born on says about your parenting style

There are seven planets that govern the zodiac signs, and these planets each have their own corresponding day of the week. The days of the week are actually named after these planets, and the planets, in turn, are named after Greek and Roman gods and goddesses who are said to influence the type of personality one has if born on their particular day. We recently wrote about what kind of mum you are according to your star sign, but can the day you were born really have an effect on the type of mum you are?

Have a read below and see if you can relate to the description of the day of the week you were born.

If you don’t know what day of the week you were born, try this online calculator 


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Born on Monday – The Empath Mum

Planet: Moon
Goddess: Luna and Selene (Roman and Greek goddesses)
Monday’s mum is governed by her emotions, in a good way. Sensitive, caring, nurturing, and in tune with her emotions, this mum is empathetic and can teach her children to listen to and get in tune with their own emotions. A born mother, she always wants to make sure that everyone is happy, healthy, fed, and cared for. Monday mothers are very family-oriented and try to instil this quality into their brood.
#mumgoals: No one in the family wants for anything with a Monday mum; she’s already taken care of it.
#mumproblems: Could be a little overbearing chasing the family around with food and cardigans, and in all the kerfuffle, might forget to take care of her own needs.
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Born on Tuesday – The Busy Mum

Planet: Mars
Gods: Mars and Ares (Roman and Greek gods of war)
This mum has things to do, places to be, and people to see. A Tuesday mum never stops, and that means that she’s always on top of her to-do list. She’s hard-working and full of beans, and a little break on the couch if there are jobs to be done is out of the question. In fact, the kids’ lunches are packed and dinner is most probably cooked before anyone else has even got out of bed. This mum is spirited and fights for what she believes in.
#mumgoals: Tuesday’s mum gets things done and will stick up for her own like a roaring mama bear.
#mumproblems: Can be a bit impatient if people aren’t going at the same pace she is (even though no one else can usually keep up with her).
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Born on Wednesday – The Erudite Mum

Planet: Mercury
Gods: Mercury and Hermes (Roman and Greek gods of commerce)
A little bit of a bookworm, this mama is curious, studious, and loves to learn. She doesn’t have a problem with nestling down on the couch once the kids are asleep and getting lost in a good book, fully immersing herself in that world, even if there are toys strewn all over the place–they can always be tidied later. A Wednesday mum takes everything with a pinch of salt, loves a good chit-chat and is great with people.
#mumgoals: An airy-fairy, fun mum who helps her kids learn to focus on the important, enjoy the good things in life and sieve out unnecessary negativity.
#mumproblems: A little bit ditsy, but in a good way (think Phoebe from Friends), your kid might just find the remote control in their lunchbox.
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Born on Thursday – The Positive Mum

Planet: Jupiter
Gods: Jupiter and Zeus (supreme Roman and Greek gods)
Nothing can get a Thursday mum down. Positive, outgoing, optimistic, fun, and bubbly, this mum has lots of friends and is great with people. People warm to you and always come to you for advice, because your motivational and inspirational pep talks always perk them up. Another busy-body who likes to get things done, you’re in tune with your children’s emotions and can always get them out of a slump, whether teenager or threenager.
#mumgoals: Mum and friend, the Thursday mum is the perfect pick-me-up mum a kid could ever want.
Might be easy to neglect your own emotional needs while you’re busy helping others with theirs.
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Born on Friday – The Creative Mum

 Planet: Venus
Goddesses: Venus and Aphrodite (Roman and Greek goddesses of love and beauty)
A child with a difficult art project is laughing if they have a Friday mum. Creative and artsy, there is no end to this mum’s idea portal. The romantic sort, your kids’ bedrooms look like something from Disneyland and you’re always preparing little surprises for them, and they love you for it. You’re inspired by love and beauty, and love to make everything around you look nice, including yourself.
#mumgoals: This mum is sociable, throws great parties, and her kids, house, and herself, are always on fleek.
#mumproblems: May focus a little too much on what other people think, and can be a tad narcissistic.
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Born on Saturday – The Independent Mum

Planet: Saturn
Gods: Saturn (Roman god of agriculture), Cronus (original Greek god, father of Zeus)
The Saturday mum means business. She’s a perfectionist, has high standards, and her yes mean yes, and her no, no. She is confident in herself and her choices, extremely independent and self-sufficient, and doesn’t like to rely on anyone else other than herself. She’ll always find the practical way to do something, perhaps bypassing creativity, and her kids will always feel like they have a healthy home and sturdy base.
#mumgoals: Kids can rely on the capable and dependable Saturday mum and learn to be confident and independent also.
Doesn’t trust easily, and can seem a little too strict, serious, standoffish or cold with people she doesn’t know well.
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Born on Sunday – The Go-Getter Mum

Planet: Sun
Gods: Sol and Helios (Roman and Greek gods of the sun)
This mum is independent, self-sufficient, generous, bubbly and loves to help their kids and others in any way they can. People born on a Sunday are known to be born leaders and lucky, but maybe that’s due to their constant positive-thinking which helps them get their own way, and get what they want in life. Just like their governing planet, the sun, these go-getters are bright and make their presence known, and they like their kids to shine also.
#mumgoals: This mum is completely happy in her own company, and trusts her ability to do everything for her family.
#mumproblems: Even though she’s nice to people and loves to help out, her love of ‘alone-time’ could be construed as unsociable.

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What kind of mum are you according to your star sign?

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