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16 Time Saving Tips For When You Have A Baby

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If you’ve ever wished for 25 hours in a day and octopus hands to hold your baby and do every little job at home, these time saving tips could be just what you need…

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1. Cook once, eat twice

Dig out your biggest saucepans and cook double amounts of foods such as bolognese, curry or chilli, then freeze or keep in the fridge so you don’t have to spend as much time cooking for the rest of the week.
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2. Set up multiple ‘change stations’

Instead of you having to head upstairs with your baby each time he needs a change, set up a space downstairs (you could do one in each room) so you don’t have to go far when a new nappy is needed. Stations can consist of baskets filled with nappies, wipes, a changing mat, and a few toys and be stored under a table or bed.
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3. Use speedy beauty products

If your showers are a frenzied scrubbing with your baby in a bouncer on the bathroom floor and make-up is a quick dash of blusher, look for products that can save you time in the morning, such as mirrorless make-up or five-minute beauty fixes.
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4. Never refuse help

And ask for it when you can. Nobody expects you to be a supermum (except yourself), so make the most of offers that can save you time and help you stay on top of things.
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5. Break housework into room chunks

Each day focus on getting just one room tidy – or even a part of a room – and don’t worry about any of the others.
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6. Invest in tidy baskets

Set up a tidy basket or box in each room that toys can be very quickly chucked into when you need to straighten the house up in a hurry.
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7. Buy frozen veg

It comes ready washed and prepared, is good value and still retains many of the vitamins, but can save you valuable time having to chop and peel food, especially if you’re making up lots of baby purees. Try frozen pea, carrot and mashed potato.
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8. Use feeding to multi-task

Whether it’s calling your friend or family for a chat, checking emails on your smartphone or watching your favourite TV shows, it’s the perfect opportunity to have a bit of downtime.
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9. Peg socks together when washing

If there was ever a tedious, time-consuming job, it’s having to find all your baby’s tiny socks (and yours) to pair up after washing. Instead, use some Lakeland Sock Mates (£4.99,, which hold your socks together when you wash and dry them so you can pair them easily.
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10. Dig out your slow cooker

Simply throw in meat, vegetables, herbs and a tin of chopped tomatoes and a bit of water and set it off in the morning. You’ll have a delicious meal in the evening and only one cooking pot to wash at the end of the meal.
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11. Create a car key spot

There’s nothing more infuriating and time-wasting than not being able to find your car or house keys. Set up a specific hook or pot (out of sight of the door or windows so thieves can’t see them) so you’ll always be able to find them.
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12. Pre-pack bags the night before

Whether it’s your work handbag or your baby’s change bag, make sure it’s done when your baby’s asleep and before you go to bed so you’re not rushing around in the morning when there are more distractions.
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13. Put out personalised shoe baskets

Each member of the family gets a basket near the front door where all their shoes belong. If they’re taken off, they have to go in the basket (and nobody else’s). That way, you’ll save time as you’ll know exactly where that odd trainer has ended up.
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14. Use a grocery shopping app

Most of the major supermarkets have shopping apps so you can do your weekly grocery shop straight from your phone or tablet, rather than having to log on. Online shopping saves time so you don't have to traipse round a supermarket with your toddler in tow.
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15. Rotate your toddler’s toys

Your little one can only play with a few toys at a time, so store the bulk of toys away and just have a few out. Less toys will make it quicker for you to tidy up and you can swap them around every week to keep things interesting.
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16. Use an online calendar app

Keep on track of your family’s different appointments – jabs, play dates, nursery pick-ups – with an online calendar. You’ll save time having to harangue/remind you or other people who’s doing what this week. We like

What are your top time saving tips? Let us know in the comment box below.

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