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Ask Childs Farm's skincare expert: "How do I apply suncream properly?"

Section: Baby care

 Each month, Childs Farm's resident skincare expert will be tackling all your skincare concerns and giving you the correct know-how, to ensure the whole family has healthy and gorgeous-looking skin. 

This month we discuss suncream and how to apply it to your little one's skin properly...

How to apply suncream: 

When choosing a suncream it’s important to look for one that protects against UVA and UVB rays, and that it is at least factor 50. - It’s important to reapply suncream a minimum of two to three times a day, especially if you are swimming or spending many hours outside. 

When you apply suncream, make certain that you are doing so in the same downward direction. It is always suggested using two teaspoons of suncream for the head and neck area of children, and two tablespoons for the body.

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