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The best cradle cap shampoo for your baby

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The best cradle cap shampoo

Cradle cap can look really unpleasent, but there's no need to panic, your baby won't even know it's there.

It's an extremely common skin condition in babies between the ages of 6 and 12 months, and it's easy to treat. It presents as dry, flaky patches on the scalp, but it can occasionally appear on your baby's eyebrows and nose, and can appear oily.

While most cradle cap clears up on its own, a little encouragment from the right shampoo can help treat cradle cap.

Here are our picks of shampoos that are great for helping to clear up cradle cap, but are also gentle on delicate skin. We know how sensitive babies' skin is, so the right product is important to take care of them. 

Made with more than 98% naturally derived ingredients, this award-winning shampoo is suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin. This loved brand helps to reduce cradle-cap appearance and has a lovely smell of strawberry and organic mint.

The Childs Farm skincare range has won numerous M&B Awards - check out our full review of the Childs Farm range here. 

Tested by mum Harriet Poulton for the M&B Awards 2018: "The shampoo really helped clear up my baby's cradle cap, which was so helpful as I didn't need to buy any other special shampoo. There are some lovely mini sets available too which has made life so much easier when packing to go on holiday or even just to chuck in the changing bag to go swimming."

Tested by mum Laura Thomson for the M&B Awards 2017: "Bath time can sometimes be a bit of a struggle as my little boy hates washing his hair but he really enjoyed smelling the shampoo and conditioner and the design on the bottle distracted him while I was washing it out." 

Read top tips for using shampoo for babies from Childs Farm here.

This soap free, vegan friendly shampoo will be loved by parents. It's gentle on sensitive skin and delicately cleans and softens baby's hair. It contains eco-friendly detergents, with no synthetic ingredients, helping to soothe cradle cap patches and maintain skins moisture.

The Weleda Calendula Skincare range has been shortlisted three times in the M&B Awards: in 2019 in the Best Baby Skincare Range/Product category; in 2017 in the Best Natural Product category, and in 2014 in the Best Baby Skincare Range/Product category. 

Tested by mum Caroline Hirst for the M&B Awards 2017: "I think this baby shampoo and body wash is lovely. It has an amazing smell of all the wonderful natural ingredients. It feels very soft on your skin and baby’s skin, plus my three-year-old also loves it and it has been great for her dry scalp and skin. It also leaves the skin feeling very clean but not stripped of the skin’s natural goodness."

Tested by mum Mary for the M&B Awards 2019: "The products are 100% natural and designed for delicate skin so I would recommend them. I think the price may be a little too high but they are a good size and lasted a while. Weleda is a trusted brand and the products were good on my baby's skin. It would be a good starter for mums unsure of what to buy."

Read our full review of the Weleda Calendula Skincare range here.

You've probably heard of Dentinox when it comes to colic drops, but their shampoo is well-loved by mums who swear by its use for helping cradle cap too. It's gentle enough to use as a general shampoo once your baby's cradle cap has cleared up, too. It was recommended by several mums in our #MumTribe group on Facebook. 

Mum of two Kim Robertson-Hunt recommended it to us in #MumTribe, and said: "it is one of the most effective, when used regulaly and really lifts the cradle cap with regular use. I use a comb as well. It feels gentle to use on your baby but does the job!" 

Johnson's hair & scalp oil is blended with real cotton and is specially designed for newborn babies' delicate, sensitive skin. Leave it in your baby's hair for about five minutes, then comb through. It's not a shampoo, but comes recommended by real mums.

This was recommended by mum Jessica Gale in our #MumTribe group on Facebook; she said: "It's a god send!" 

This fragrance-free shampoo is packed with natural and nourishing ingredients, which helps lovingly cleanse your baby's dry scalp and delicate hair. The organic ingredients also make it vegan-friendly and hypoallergenic, making it the ideal shampoo for little ones with sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

This tear-free mousse is extra gentle on sensitive skin and helps to prevent the appearence of cradle cap. It's made of an enriched formula with avocado and other natural ingredients, helping to strengthen your baby's skin barrier. 

This dermatology approved shampoo is ideal for treating cradle cap. It cares for delicate skin, helping to eliminate cradle cap patches on your little one's skin. It also provides a shine and softness.

This vegan formula is suitable for newborns and helps to calm dry, flaky scalps and hair. It nourishes and hydrates your little one's skin with its naturally derived ingredients, and has a yummy vanilla and oatmeal fragrance.

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