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Why No Harm Bum Balm needs a spot in your baby changing bag

Section: Baby care

My expert midwife are delighted to announce their long-awaited arrival, No Harm Bum Balm.

After launching their initial range of midwife-developed products two years ago, many awards have been won, but more importantly, there has been many a parent who has consistently given positive feedback about how the products have helped them through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

No Harm Bum Balm is an exciting new product which has been carefully developed by midwives to use on your baby’s delicate newborn skin. It is made from 100% natural ingredients to ensure it is a pure product and kind on your baby’s bottom. You can be confident in the knowledge that this gently protective product will create a safe barrier from irritants, whilst soothing and moisturising to keep their skin in tip-top condition.

Unlike many other nappy creams which are available, No Harm Bum Balm uses the highest medical grade lanolin, which enables it to glide smoothly onto your baby’s delicate skin, without causing friction. It then provides a protective barrier against irritants, whilst enabling their skin to breathe, as the oils in lanolin closely replicate those naturally produced by the skin.  The essential oil, calendula, also has properties which can gently soothe any redness or soreness.


Expert tips

  • 50% of babies will develop nappy rash at some point.
  • Avoiding daily bathing of baby will help retain some of their naturally produced, essential skin oils.
  • Using a smooth and easy to apply barrier balm will help to moisturise and protect delicate skin.

Founder and midwife Lesley Gilchrist says “Many women loved our products so much that they labelled them as ‘lifesavers’- especially Spritz for Bits and No Harm Nipple Balm. As a result, we were asked when we were going to develop a product for their babies too. Our ethos for No Harm Bum Balm is simply just the same as the rest of the My Expert Midwife range; to create a product that parents genuinely need and helps make their lives easier, so they can concentrate on enjoying their new arrival”

Check out My Expert Midwife's No Harm Bum Balm, here.