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One third of new parents feel ‘totally unprepared’ for nappy changing, says WaterWipes

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One third of new parents feel ‘totally unprepared’ for nappy changing, says WaterWipes

Despite ante-natal advice, a third of new parents feel ‘totally unprepared’ for and overwhelmed by changing nappies.

This is according to new research, commissioned by WaterWipes, which also reveals that changing nappies in public leave more than half of parents feeling anxious or flustered.

The research also found 40 per cent of parents consider baby girls to be easier to change, compared with just 21 per cent who felt more confident changing boys’ nappies.

Mums and dads appear to disagree over who does the most changes, however. While half of dads believe changing duties are evenly split, 6 out of 10 mums insist it’s mostly mum.

The research of 1,000 parents with children under five was carried by WaterWipes out as part of the #PureLove campaign to champion new mums’ self-belief in those early days of parenthood, where confidence is often at its lowest.

Lisa Clegg, parenting expert and author of The Blissful Baby Expert, said: “Nappy changing, while not everyone’s favourite chore, doesn’t have to make you feel nervous or stressed which can also have the unfortunate knock on effect of your baby picking up on these feelings.

“The most important thing to remember is that you’ve got this. To help you feel more at ease with even the most challenging change, here are my five tips to get you in the nappy zapping zone;

  1. Prepare and have everything out and ready before you begin – a fresh nappy, a disposal bag and a few wipes. Using a chemical free wipe such as WaterWipes means you don’t have to worry about irritating your baby’s sensitive skin
  2. Keep making eye contact and talking to baby, your voice can be soothing even if they become restless,
  3. Don’t stop if baby cries, the quickest way of soothing them properly is to keep going until the job is done
  4. Use the distraction of a favourite toy for a slightly older baby
  5. Always finish with a cuddle -  it’s reassuring for them and for you!”

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