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These fatherhood stereotypes are plain wrong

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More men than ever are now staying at home to look after their kids, and the study from Deloitte and DaddiLife found in The Millenial Dad At Work study that 87 percent of fathers aged 25 to 40 are now closely involved in day-to-day parenting.

Although the several stereotypes of dads are still around today, here's why they aren't...

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1) Dads have absolutely no idea what they’re doing

Leave your partner alone with your little ones and, of course, he’ll cope (and learn as he becomes more confident.)
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2) Dads are terrified of the delivery room

The vast majority of men wouldn’t dream of being anywhere other than by their partner’s side when it comes to labour day – to welcome your baby into the world (together.)
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3) Dads don’t change nappies

Dads are just as dexterous when it comes to wiping bums and fixing nappy tabs – remember, everything’s a learning curve as a parent.
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4) Dads should give up on their social life

Dads (like mums) still need a break – just because he happens to be up early watching CBeebies on a Sunday morning, doesn’t mean he can’t have a beer on Saturday night.
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5) Dads don’t get up in the night

The reality is every couple will work things out differently – but there are plenty of dads that do the night feeds
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6) Dads are over-protective of their daughters

If David Beckham’s anything to go by, this is true. But don’t forget Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz – dad’s are just as protective of their sons as well!
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7) Dads feel out of place at the nursery-gate

The nursery run is undertaken by a myriad of different people – single parents, grandparents, child-minders, gay parents, mums and dads who work from home – the list goes on. Welcome to the 21st century.
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8) Dads are second-rate cooks

Heating up a jar of baby food isn’t about the limit of the typical dad's culinary capabilities – dads can cook too!
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9) All dads become their own dad

As much as he’s starting to look like your father-in-law, it doesn’t mean he’s giving up the iPad toddler distraction technique anytime soon.

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