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5 mum-approved ways to help give your baby Calpol

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Giving your little one medicine can be one of the most frustrating struggles, especially when all you want is to make them feel better. 

Are you finding that every time you try to give them their Calpol, they shut their mouth or even spit it back out? 

Five mums on mumtribe have revealed what they have used to help them when they've struggled, and some advice for giving your little one Calpol:

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1) Pinch her nose, her mouth should open and put the medicine in, voila 

Zoha Siddiquie commented on the post and recommended to: "Pinch her nose, her mouth should open and put the medicine in, voila." 
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2)  Sneak it in their yoghurt

Ann Dowlan suggested to sneak the Calpol in their yoghurt or purees. 
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3) Try putting it in with orange juice in a beaker 

Iz Pas-tor responded to the post and wrote: "Yup, funtimes 🙄 have you tried putting it in with a very small amount of orange juice in a beaker? Good luck x" 
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4) Blow on their face to make them swallow

Clair Eden also commented: "I'm a children's nurse and I've learned that the best way is to lie them slightly back very tightly in your arms, then gently blow on their face to make them swallow.

"It works every time for my 2-year-old. It sounds cruel, I admit I don't like doing it but it's the only way.

"She's great with Calpol and Ibuprofen but she hates antibiotics which she had to have last week 🙈." 
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5) Swap the syringe with a spoon 

Storm Wheatley suggested to swap the syringe with a spoon as she wrote: "Our daughter hates the taste of Calpol, so we bought the Tesco version which is Cherry flavour and it comes with a spoon instead of a syringe and she just eats it off the spoon! It's a game changer xxx". 

What have you found useful when trying to give your child medicine? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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