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Why mum's everywhere can't get enough of skincare brand My Expert Midwife...

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Your body is amazing – you only have to look at your new baby to know that – so it makes sense you’d want to look after it with soothing products made from quality ingredients, designed to calm and aid recovery after birth. It’s why founders Lesley Gilchrist and Claire Charlton launched My Expert Midwife, a range of natural yet effective products made from the safest ingredients necessary to restore body confidence.

Each ingredient in My Expert Midwife’s collection has been specially chosen by its midwives, and formulated by chemists, to provide safe solutions for women’s needs. ‘We want to create products that work,’ says Lesley, ‘that parents genuinely want, and that help make their lives easier.’

Restorative essential oils are at the heart of My Expert Midwife’s products – from calendula oil blended with lanolin in its No Harm Bum Balm, to soothe and moisturise your baby’s delicate bottom, to geranium oil combined with beeswax in its Fantastic Skin Elastic, to help lock in moisture, soothe itchy skin and boost circulation. Lavender oil in its Spritz for Bits, calms and soothes and can help to reduce pain and promote skin healing and regeneration, while the eucalyptus oil in Peri Prep Your Bits helps reduce inflammation and pain.

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