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Broccoli Rings by Asda Little Angels Review

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Our panel of no-nonsense mums put popular baby products through (very!) vigorous testing, meaning you can spend money on the things that really work and have extra time to watch EastEnders with a cuppa tea! 

In this month's hot seat...

Organic Broccoli Flavoured Rings (7+ Months), 59p, ASDA Little Angels 

Over to you, mums! 

What did your little one think of the taste?

Kimberley Wheat: I think the product was a good flavour as it is relatable to what my baby eats at mealtimes. I tasted the product myself and could see the resemblance of the flavour towards actual broccoli. My baby seemed to be very keen on the taste of the product and my toddler who is fussier was a little hesitant to try but did like the product once she tasted. 

Rachael Bowman: My son seemed to enjoy eating these snacks. He kept going back for more which is usually a good sign. I tasted a few myself and didn't feel they tasted overly of broccoli and were a lot more savoury than other snacks that we usually have in the house. 

Stephanie Pippard: The broccoli taste is very strong with an undertone of the spinach which is also included in the product. My little boy loved them and wanted more. The smell is a bit off-putting but they taste a lot better than they smell. They definitely taste of broccoli which is good because sometimes flavoured products taste fake. 

What do you think of the snacking meal option – was this convenient?

Nikki Gent: The crisps are a good snack option however we give them to our little ones at lunchtime and try to avoid crisps as a regular snack option. They are a handy size packet to keep in the changing bag. 

Natalie Rodgerson: The snack bag is a very convenient size packed and with the added ingredients, it's also a healthy snack for little ones.

Llinos Evans: Very convenient snacking option- light small pack to carry with us, resealable with sellotape ( a reseal tab would be useful). She could hold onto them so easily which made her eating them by herself easy. They easily broke up too so she could take them in chunks and no concern of being too hard to chew. They melted in her mouth. 

Do you believe the product is value for money?

Kimberley Wheat: I would say so given this product is aimed at babies, but once opened obviously the product doesn't stay fresh for very long, so it would be beneficial to have a multi-pack option, as well as single bags. I would say the price is about average when compared to other brands offering similar products. 

Rachael Bowman: I definitely think this product is value for money. When you go through as many snacks as we do with 2 kids close in age the cheaper the better. These are much better valued than other similar products and offer the same taste and texture. 

Zoha Siddiquie: This product is definitely value for money. Most snacks are very expensive which puts me off buying these products but this product is fairly priced. 

Would you buy Little Angels food products again?

Rachael Bowman: Yes we will definitely be buying Little Angels food products again. I feel they are very good value for money and offer different flavours of snacks that other competitors. The one thing I would change is the fact that the packets are resealable which would make then even better than they already are. 

Llinos Evans: I would certainly buy from Little Angels again. Excellent quality and very tasty. My daughter was very happy with them so I am interested to see what other flavours are available also. They were easy for her to self-feed due to nice size but the fact they were a ring meant she could hold onto them easily too which I really liked. Feels you are giving a healthy snack too due to the added vitamins and broccoli flavour. 

Zoha Siddiquie: I would not hesitate to buy this product again as it is value for money and very nutritious for children as a snack. 

Check out the Asda Little Angels Organic Broccoli rings, here