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19 New Baby Memories To Cherish

There's so much going on during your baby's first year – what with all the feeds and general sleep deprivation, it can pass in a blur, so make a mental note of the moments to appreciate. And don't forget to photograph them too.

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First cuddle

You may be exhausted beyond belief and wondering how you got through the last 12 hours, but that moment when you first hold your baby? It doesn’t get better than that. [Alamy]
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First feed

Whether you breast or bottle feed your baby, it’s amazing to see how much your tiny human can guzzle in one go. And his blissed out milky daze afterwards. [Corbis]
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First bath

It may be stressful at the time but take a split second to cherish the first ever time your baby has a wash. [Corbis]
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First day at home

You did it – you’ve had your baby and now it’s time to survive on your own together at home. Eek. [Corbis]
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First day out

Even if it’s just a trip to the shops, your baby’s first outing out is a big deal and deserves to be celebrated. [Corbis]
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First smile

OK, so it may just be a bit of gas, but whatever the reason, just enjoy that fleeting grin. [Corbis]
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First day alone

That day when your partner goes back to work and you’re left alone with your baby is nerve wracking. Sure, it may not go quite as your planned and that nap may not happen but at the end of the day you did it. You looked after your small person for a whole day with no help. Respect. [Corbis]
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First laugh

That first giggle will be music to your ears. Can’t wait? Try out some of these amazing ways to make the magic happen. [Corbis]
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First sit up

Your baby will seem like the cleverest person in the world when she manages to hold herself up. Proud mum moment. [Corbis]
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Frst crawl

Whatever your baby’s crawl style, when it first happens you’ll be more excited than that time you won tickets to Glastonbury. [Corbis]
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First tooth

Your baby’s first pearly white may be accompanied by some on/off grumpiness, but that initial glimpse of white is a moment you won’t forget. And there are ways to soothe the pain. [Corbis]
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First word

Sure, your baby may’ve been babbling for some time, but that first clear word will have you loading your video app instantly. [Corbis]
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First step

That first tentative step is a massive deal for both you and your baby. Treasure it – he’ll be running around and wreaking (even more) havoc before you know it. [Alamy]
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First full night’s sleep

This will be the best night of your life. Guaranteed. [Corbis]
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First holiday

That first getaway with your baby in tow may involve a lot of packing,but make sure you enjoy it. And don’t forget your camera – you’ll want to capture how cute he looks in his sun hat. [Corbis]
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First solid food

The first time your baby tries solid food will produce some great grimaces. Whether or not, he spits it out, make sure you capture his expression. [Corbis]
Your Christmas Politics Survival Guide Expand Image Your Christmas Politics Survival Guide

First Christmas

Christmas, and special occasions in general, come alive when you have a baby to share it with. Have you iPhone to hand to snap every moment of the day. [Corbis]
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First birthday

Wow. You’ve been a parent a whole year and have experienced so much together. Treasure this moment and give yourself a massive pat on the back – it’s not just your baby’s celebration. [Corbis]

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