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21 pictures every parent needs to take of their baby

There are so many moments that you’ll want to remember in your baby’s first year. And those you inevitably want to share on Facebook. So charge up your iPhone and get snapping – if for no other reason than to embarrass your tot at her 18th birthday party. Here are the moments you need to capture...

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The hospital photo

That moment when you first hold your baby only happens once – and chances are you’ll be too out of it/exhausted to remember it entirely anyway. So pack a few essentials into your hospital to get your camera ready and your partner snapping as soon as your baby arrives. 
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The feeding photo

Whether you’re breast or bottle feeding your baby, it’s one incredibly intimate memory that you won’t want to forget. So make sure your partner gets a great photo. 
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The new dad photo

A snap of your partner with your baby is an absolute must. That proud and protective look needs to be captured forever. 
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The sleeping photo

Is there anything cuter than a baby sleeping? We think not. And it makes for a great ‘meet our baby’ photo to send to all the family. 
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The slogan babygro photo

Whether you’re a fan or funny onesies or not, your baby in one will make a pretty hilarious snapshot.
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The smiling photo

Once you’ve figured out how to make your baby giggle, it makes the perfect photo opportunity. 
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The hands and feet photo

You must have spotted those aww worthy photos of baby feet held in adult hands. It’s an easy enough pic to take yourself and those feet won’t stay that small for long *sobs*. 
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The teething photo

OK, so the rashy cheeks and tears aren’t great but when your tot is gnawing away on her teething toy and dribbling adorably, she’s just asking for a photo to be taken. 
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The crawling photo

Whatever your baby’s crawl style, you’ll definitely want to document that oh-so-adorable concentrated face. [Corbis]
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The messy face photo

Weaning is different for every parent but one thing’s for sure – it comes with a lot of puree-covered faces. Cue the camera. 
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The family photo

Get dressed up and enlist the help of your neighbour/friend/sister to take a family snap that you can look back on in years to come. 
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The selfie photo

The best thing about a selfie of you and your baby? You have no idea what face she’s going to pull until you take the photo – which can give you lots of funny photos to flick through. 
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The prop photo

Because a baby wearing oversized glasses/a funny hat/a faux moustache is defs funny – and deserves a photo. 
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The sibling photo

There’s nothing nicer than a sibling snapshot – especially if they don’t know it’s being taken and captures a loving moment and, no, not that one of your baby crying because her sister’s stolen her favourite toy. 
Washing and bathtime for baby - your essential guide Expand Image Washing and bathtime for baby - your essential guide

The bathtime photo

We all have that bath photo with a shampoo-styled Mohawk and bubble-covered body. And your baby needs one, too. 
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The cat nap photo

Your baby and your pet snoozing together on the sofa is a picture perfect moment. 
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The first step photo

That proud look that spreads over your baby’s face when he takes his tentative first step might be ingrained in your brain, but take a pic to show the grandparents. 
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The beach photo

When you’re packing for your baby’s first beach trip, don’t forget to take a camera. You’ll want to capture how cute she looks when she waddles towards the sea for the first time.
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The fancy dress photo

Whether she’s dressed as a pumpkin for Halloween or a pudding for Christmas, her cute factor is set to shoot through the roof. Helloooo multiple Facebook likes.
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The grandparents photo

Your baby will love looking back on this photo when she’s older. 
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The birthday photo

You absolutely have to photograph your baby going crazy with cake at her first birthday party. 


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