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Watch: My Expert Midwife on how to prepare for breastfeeding

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We caught up with Cathy Tabner, midwife and breastfeeding expert, to find out everything you need to know about preparing to breastfeed.

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There’s a lot of pressure on new mums to get breastfeeding right first time, which can make it really daunting. But, with some expert guidance, you can begin to feel both informed and confident enough to feed your baby from day one. 

In the live above you'll hear Cathy and Mother&Baby digital editor Stephanie Anthony talk about that first feed when baby arrives, how to harvest your colostrum and the best breastfeeding positions to try.

Cathy also explains in depth about what to do if breastfeeding is painful (which more often than not is solved by trying out a new position) as well as how to soothe cracked nipples and prevent mastitis. Plus we’ll share some tips on how to get partners involved if mum is exclusively breastfeeding, and where to find support if you’re struggling with breastfeeding.

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Having worked across a variety of magazines, on topics from food to travel to horses, Stephanie now works as a Digital Writer for Mother&Baby online. 

She loves taking her lurcher puppy Moss for long walks in the country, and spending time with her niece and two nephews. In her spare time she writes fiction books and enjoys baking (her signature bake is lemon drizzle cake).