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While baby skin can be ridiculously soft, it can also be prone to rashes, dry patches, eczema and areas of irritation. Treat delicate baby and toddler skin with kid gloves and soften up with these brilliant buys.
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Burts Bees Baby Bee Original Nourishing Lotion (£8.99,

Once you smell this amazing scent on your little ones, you'll never want to run out of a tube. Gloriously thick and hydrating, but sinks in and leaves a cushiony softness on skin. Full of buttermilk, shea butter and sunflower seed oil, this 99% natural lotion is a must.
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Apivita Eco-Bio Baby & Kids Natural Caring Oil with Lavender & Calendula (£16,

We love this Greek line of skincare for kids (there's an adult line too - do check it out). This oil is formulated with gentle calendula, olive and almond oil, plus calming lavender essential oil. Ideal for a relaxing baby massage pre-bed, or it makes a brilliant, natural cradle cap remedy. Apply 30-60 minutes before shampooing out to help shift flakes fast.
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Bamford Baby Bath and Massage Oil (£28.00,

The perfect gift for a new mum or pop on your own baby shower wishlist, Bamford's luxe, 100% organic oil can be poured in the bath or massaged into damp skin. Formulated with chamomile, lavender and tea tree.
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Weleda Calendolon Ointment (£6.50,

The calendula-based ointment creates a soothing, moisturising bubble around skin and heals irritation fast. Calendula has natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and can be applied to any skin issue from scrapes, burns, eczema and even minor wounds (just make sure the skin is super clean before application). A mum and baby must have.
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Bloom & Blossom Baby Balm (£16,

A brilliant all-rounder for all skin woes. Keep a tub in baby's changing bag for nappy rash emergencies, massage into dry areas and brilliant as a winter skin saver for your own skin too.
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Moo Goo Scalp Cream (£12,

This Australian-based natural skincare brand is all about skin and scalp healing. Scalp Cream is designed to soothe cradle cap, but also makes a great all over moisturiser. Apply to any areas that look red, dry or itchy (scalp, hairline, neck, ears, eyes and sides of nose and mouth are common areas).
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Neals Yard Baby Balm (£11,

There’s a little powerhouse of protecting and calming skin goodies inside this pot. Olive oil, coconut oil and shea nut butter lubricate and leave a thin, protective layer over skin (particularly great for preventing nappy rash). Dinky and concentrated enough to pop in your bag.
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