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13 Things You Need To Keep From Your Baby’s First Year

Section: Month by month

The first year with your baby will fly by – even though it may not seem like it when you’re elbows deep in yet another dirty nappy. So, snap up every precious item that your baby no longer needs as you go and add it to your baby’s memory box or scrapbook. You’ll thank yourself later when you can coo over it at your son’s 18th birthday (even though he probably won’t be as happy to see it).



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First pair of baby shoes

Unlike your baby’s first babygro which will no doubt have been redesigned with flecks of sick and dribble, his first pair of shoes will probably have barely been worn and will look as good as new. [Corbis]
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Feet imprints

You can pay to cast your baby’s oh-so-tiny hands and feet or if you’re lacking in funds you can coat them in washable paint and make the prints yourself. In years to come, you’ll marvel at how his hands were ever that teeny. [Corbis]
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Scan pictures

As the first ever photo of your baby, you absolutely have to keep these safe. And when he’s a toddler, your tot will love looking at photos of himself growing inside you.
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Newspaper published on date of birth

There’s something amazing about being able to read about what happened in the world on the day your son was born years later. [Corbis]
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Congratulation cards

No doubt you’ll have received dozens of cards congratulating you on your baby’s birth. And while you may not have the space to keep them all, make sure you save the most precious ones to look back on later. [Corbis]
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First artwork

OK, so it may just be a splodgy palm print on a piece of paper, but to you it’s as good as any Kandinsky. [Corbis]
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First family photo

This snapshot absolutely has to be saved – and is a staple in any baby book. Make dozens of copies just in case some go walkabout. [Corbis]
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Baby name list

Whether your scrawled your options on a napkin, a post-it or on an email, keep it to remind yourself of the names that didn’t quite make the cut. Your little one will love learning about what his name could have been. [Corbis]
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Hospital band

This is a great keepsake to show when and where your baby was born – and you’ll soon forget how small his wrists were! [Corbis]
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Growth records

Your baby will grow quickly – too quickly for your liking, no doubt. So a great idea to document how much he’s progressing is by keeping a record of his weigh-ins, which your GP or health visitor can provide you with. [Corbis]
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Umbilical cord stump

This isn’t a keepsake that every parent will want to save, but some mums feel it resembles the connection they shared with their baby throughout pregnancy. [Corbis]
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Lock of hair

Whether you wait until your baby’s first haircut or sneakily cut a few strands off when he’s asleep (he won’t miss them), a lock of hair is something you definitely need to keep. [Corbis]

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