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A beginner's guide to nappies by Asda Little Angels

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The world of nappies can be a daunting one for new parents. You’ll be faced with lots of options from different brands, in various sizes and you may not be sure what all of the features and benefits mean. To help you get the best for your baby, ASDA Little Angels are answering some of the frequently asked questions in their guide to nappies.

I'm a first-time nappy buyer, how do I choose the right size?

Much like shoe sizes, nappy sizes go up in progression of numbers, where larger numbers indicate larger nappies. Given that every baby is different, one of the best ways to choose a nappy size for your little one is by their weight. Babies usually get weighed at birth and during regular health visits. This will give you a benchmark weight to start the nappy journey with, and you can move up the number scale by using the chart below as your baby grows. Little Angels nappies feature a handy size-up guide to help you recognise when it’s time to move up a nappy size. If the tabs fasten comfortably in or over the coloured stripe it’s the right fit; if the tabs don't reach the coloured stripe it’s time for the next size up.

What do the plus symbols (+) mean next to the numbers?

If you’ve seen two nappies with the same number, but one has a plus symbol (+) next to it, then it simply means that this nappy has added absorbency. This makes it ideal for night-time use, for babies who drink a lot or for babies that have larger bladders. The nappies are still exactly the same size.

How do I know what type of nappy to use?

Babies have different needs and requirements from their nappies at different stages of their development. For example, your little one will usually start wearing nappies from the Newborn range.

  • Newborn: Little Angels Newborn nappies have a specially contoured design to help prevent umbilical irritation and a wetness indicator that changes from yellow to blue when wet allows you to check if baby needs changing without removing their nappy, meaning you can leave them to sleep soundly. Little Angels Newborn nappies now feature SmartFlo™ absorbency which absorbs moisture quickly and helps evenly distribute wetness for comfort.
  • Comfort & Protect: As your baby begins to move around more they’ll need a nappy which moves and supports them as they twist and turn. The Little Angels Comfort & Protect range feature super-soft gently elasticated leg cuffs and flexi-fit security to help prevent leaks from sneaking up baby’s back or out from leg openings. Up to 12 hour dryness also means you can sleep easy knowing your baby will be comfortable through the night. Little Angels Comfort & Protect nappies now feature SmartFlo™ absorbency which absorbs moisture quickly and helps evenly distribute wetness for comfort.
  • Nappy Pants: Little Angels Nappy Pants are perfect for your little angels who just can't sit still. They perform like nappies but pull up like pants and ease the transition from baby nappies to grown-up underwear. They're wonderfully soft and designed to stretch and adapt to your baby's movements, helping them stay comfy. They also have absorbent gel beads to help keep them dry and quick-release seams and pull-up action make changing your little wriggler that little bit easier. ASDA Little Angels Nappy Pants also exclusively feature Peppa Pig designs so your child can learn alongside their favourite cartoon friend!

From nappies and wipes to moisturisers and bath time fun, ASDA Little Angels have everything your little one needs from bump to birth and beyond! Find out more at