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Baby swimming rings for splashing around in the pool

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baby swimming ring

Whether you're heading to the local lido, jetting off abroad or using a paddling pool in your back garden, baby swimming rings are fantastic for building infants confidence in the water. 

You'll turn your little one into a water baby in no time as we've found the best baby swimming rings that help support kids while they're splashing around.

Best age for babies to go swimming

Are you considering taking your mini-me for swimming lessons? From disposable swim nappies for your water baby to baby changing bags, there are so many things to consider when going swimming with your kids. One thing you don't need to worry about is the best age for babies to go swimming.

According to the NHS, "You can take your baby swimming at any age, both before and after they have been vaccinated. It does not matter if they have not yet completed their course of vaccinations."

Advice for making your child feel comfortable in water

Most baby pools have big steps that go straight into the water, so it’s easy to carry your baby into the pool. When you go down the steps, hold them in a sitting position with their chest against yours, and supporting the bum with one hand and, if they're really little, their head and neck with the other. Just treat it the same as carrying them downstairs at home.

Don't forget that children must always be supervised when playing in water, even when using swimming rings, floats and armbands.

For more information and tips on swimming, check out our guide to baby swimming with advice from Rebecca Adlington. 


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How to choose the best baby swimming ring

Not sure what to look for when buying a baby swim ring? Here at Mother&Baby, we've pulled together a detailed list of recommendations for the best baby swimming rings and the best children's swimming rings, so you don't have to spend hours researching.

Here are five things to look for before purchasing a baby swimming ring:

  1. Size: The size of a baby swimming ring will give you a better understanding if it's suitable for your little one. Often websites will list age recommendations, which will indicate if a swimming ring is right or not.
  2. Reviews: Before investing in any swimming aid for your youngster, we'd recommend finding out what other parents thought of the product. The best way that you can do this is by taking the time to read reviews.
  3. Safety features: Before hitting that shop button, make sure that the baby swimming ring has all the safety feature boxes ticked. Look for things like dual air chambers and durable materials.
  4. How easy is it to inflate: The last thing you want to be doing is spending half an hour blowing into the floating device in a changing room, pick a swimming ring that is effortless to blow up. 
  5. Make sure that it's fun: If your bubba gets distracted easily, choose a swimming ring that will capture their attention. There will be lots of things going on at a pool or in a garden, so bright colours are best. 

Now that you're ready to take a dip with your little one, here are our top picks of the best baby swimming rings for splashing around in the pool.

Best baby swimming ring

With over 4,000 reviews on Amazon, this baby float is a go-to swimming aid for any new parents. Unlike traditional swimming rings, this number features a nappy style seat with leg holes. What's so great about this feature? Well, it provides extra support for bubbas aged ‎six to 12 months.

Review: "Useful for babies who cannot swim or are not confident in the water. My baby is a slim 15-month-old, and I would say she can make use of this for at least six more months. It is blown up through four separate chambers, which I think makes it feel safer. If it punctures in one part, only that chamber will deflate, the remaining three should stay inflated. Easy to blow up manually - took about 10 minutes. Overall for the price, it’s very good."

Turtles are amazing underwater creatures that date back over 200 million years ago. Help your little one be a natural in the water with this turtle inspired swim seat from Speedo. Featuring high quality PVC with safety valves, this is brilliant for any kids aged 12- 24 months.

Review: "Excellent for giving confidence in water, makes it fun."

Designed for infants learning how to kick and swim, this inflatable baby swimming float provides hours of fun in any pool. Parents will be pleased to know that it's easy to inflate, deflate and carry on the go.

Review: "Used for my four-month-old. She loved it. Great for first time swimming. We pushed her around in it. She even started kicking her legs. She fitted in well, she’s average size for her age. Looking forward to using it again."

We wouldn't expect anything less than this incredible swimming device from JoJo Maman Bébé. While supporting your bubbas back, neck and chest, your baby will love bobbing in the pool on your next family holiday. 

Review: "Bought this for my nine-month-old. Good quality - sits comfortably and safely. He loves floating around the pool watching his big brother. I agree that for a younger baby, they would sit quite low in the float."

How exciting does this swimming float look? OK, so it's not technically a swimming ring, but it's definately an upgrade. The removable canopy is fantastic for protecting children from the sun, and the steering wheel is a fun addition for children to play with.

Review: "Very impressed, even comes with a puncture repair kit. I purchased two to take my twin's swimming."

Are you looking for an extraordinary swimming ring for your baby? Well, you're looking at it. This adorable flamingo float is unlike anything we've ever seen. Suitable for children aged six months to four years, this will have tots excited to get in the pool for years to come. 

Review: "Really great. My one-year-old baby loved it but was also used by a six-year-old and still going strong. Easy to inflate and put together and the canopy is so useful."

As your baby is constantly growing, you may find that they quickly outgrow a swimming ring. Luckily, Nabaiji Baby's Inflatable Pool Ring is here to save the day as they've created an option that allows you to adjust the seat according to the baby’s size. Amazing!

Review: "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Bought this for my six month old nephew and this is such a great investment! Really smart design and super innovative for parents with young children. He's now one years old and he still fits because the seat can adjust!"

Best children’s swimming ring

Available in four fun designs, the Baloo Swim Ring from Kidly is a fun way to encourage children to start swimming. At 13 x 45cm, this isn't the largest product on this list, but it is easy to clean and is made from 100 per cent PVC, which is BPA free. What's not to like? 

Review: "Quick to inflate, it's such a lovely colour, and our Emily loved the print. It's smaller than expected but the perfect size for her to have fun in the paddling pool."

Zoggs are known for their swimming goggles, training aids, swimwear, so you know this swim ring is going to be good. Featuring easy inflate valves, dual air chambers and durable materials, this ticks all our boxes when it comes to a safe option for kids. We'd recommend this for ‎children aged three to six years.

Review: "Good fit for a chunky 23-month-old, robust thickness of plastic and nice slightly reflective finish. Folds up nice and small, quick to inflate, doubled up as an adult sombrero or floating footrest and pillow!"

Any mini unicorn fans will love playing in the paddling pool with this inflatable ring. Complete with sparkles and rainbows, this is exactly what you want from a swimming float. Plus it's easy-to-inflate - how magical!

Review: "My daughter is obsessed with her unicorn float, lovely quality although a little smaller than I expected."

We doughnut know how kids enjoy splashing around a pool without one of these swim rings! What we love most about these swim rings? You get a brown and pink doughnut rings, which is fantastic news if you have two kids. 

Review: "Kids love them! They are big, but my nine-year-old just lies across them and is quite happy!"

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