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Soft blocks for babies: toys for development, teething and having fun

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soft blocks for babies

From wooden blocks to homemade constructions, there are so many types of blocks for babies to play with. Soft blocks (also known as foam blocks) are lightweight toys that come in a variety of shapes and sizes for your bubba.

What are soft blocks?

Soft blocks are stacking toys for babies that are ideal for sensory play. Whether it’s the colour, print or textures that draw your little one in - squeezing, throwing and building has never been more fun. You'll usually find that soft blocks help with numbers, shapes or animal recognition too. 

Why are soft blocks good for babies?

Are you curious to find out how soft blocks will aid your child's development? Say no more.

According to Verywell Family, "Even the simplest set of blocks contains the seeds of imagination, creation, and destruction. Your toddler will enjoy stacking a tower of blocks as high as possible and then watching what happens when they knock them down. This is one way that toddlers develop fine motor skills and explore concepts like early math, geometry, problem-solving, and cause and effect.

"After they figure out the blocks' properties - size, weight, shape, and stability level - it won't be long before they're building cities complete with roadways and bridges." 

Best soft blocks for babies 2021

Best soft blocks for teething

Any munchkins getting their first teeth come through will appreciate these baby blocks. Not only are they great for building and counting numbers, but they are chewable. We love that they are made from non-toxic silicone that is free from BPA.

Review: "Perfect for my seven-month-old who loves to put anything in her mouth. I have peace of mind that these aren’t going to hurt her mouth like some other bulky plastic toys. I love how each side has something different, which will be perfect to show as she grows." 

Best black and white soft blocks

From the squeaker to the bell and crinkle fabric, these blocks will encourage your child's curiosity. The best thing about it? One of the four blocks features a mirror, which is brilliant for helping tots recognise their reflection. 

Review: "These set of blocks are a great tool and learning resource for any age - I have two children, both different ages who equally love playing with them. I love that they're really easy to wipe clean because of the material used."

Best soft blocks for stacking

Galt Soft Blocks

£13.09 - RRP: £14.99

From being able to put these blocks in the washing machine to the bold, colourful design, there are many reasons that parents and children alike will appreciate these baby soft blocks. As well as stacking these toys, infants can match the print, play catch and build a fortress. Amazing!

Review: "A friend has this toy for her baby, so I already knew how great, soft and light it was. One thing that lots of parents worry about is toys smacking them in the face and hurting them, especially their eyes. However, these are light and soft. So even if they threw it in the air (which they will trust me) and hits them in the face, it won't hurt one bit. It is super durable as my friends baby had it for AGES, and it looked like recently bought. I especially love that 1-2 of the blocks have a little bell in them, which catches their attention even more."

Best soft blocks for budget

Rattling, jingling and crinkling their way into your child's toy tox are these budget-friendly soft blocks. Each block features a fun character and pattern as well as a number and letter. This multi-sensory toy is bound to put a smile on your child's face during playtime. 

Review: "Bought for my five-month-old who likes to chew, shake and bat at them, now six months old and exploring the shape and how to hold them gets her coordination going. We are now enjoying knocking down a tower I built, which is fun. The fact that each one sounds different is good. The crinkly one is a clear favourite. The tabs on them are genius as you can attach them to the pram, car seat etc. Or it's a convenient bit for babies to hold on to, practising that pincer grip."

Best soft blocks for design

Although this is just a singular activity cube, we couldn't leave this off our list of the best soft blocks for babies because of its exceptional design. If your little one is obsessed with elephants, they'll adore the 3D elephant face as well as the removable elephant. Perfect for girls and boys to play with in their pushchairs.

Review: "I chose this cube as a present to a friend's newborn! I had it sent directly in the knowledge that it would be soft, snuggly and safe! I've heard the parents love it and hope their baby son does too!"

Best long-lasting soft blocks

Clemmy Soft Blocks

£13.99 - RRP: £14.99

Kids can chew, squash and demolish this pack of 24 soft blocks, and they'll still be good as new. The hardwearing blocks will develop skills like problem-solving and creative thinking. Tots will have hours of fun stacking and slotting these together. 

Review: "I bought these for my little boy for his Christmas presents, have started Christmas shopping early, but I opened them to have a look at them to see see the quality of them. I am happy with them, thank you very much - I will be buying stuff from you guys again."

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