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The best pram toys to keep your little one entertained

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Babies spend a lot of time in their prams in the early days, and pram toys are an incredible way to keep your precious little one entertained while on the move.

Whether you’re off on a stroll or doing the weekly food shop, you want your little love to be content and occupied. Not only do pram toys tick that box, but they are great sensory and developmental tools too.

Benefits of using a pram toy:

Whether your child likes to play by looking, feeling, kicking or touching, there are lots of different benefits of using a pram toy. Here are five of the top reasons why pram toys will keep your bundle of joy entertained: 

  • Infants learn through play
  • Encourages sensory development
  • Plenty of options for teething tots
  • Keeps them occupied while you're on the go
  • Can soothe your baby

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How to choose the best pram toy:

Pram toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so before selecting the right one for your youngster, you'll want to be sure it is compatible with your pushchair and that it is suitable for their size and age to ensure they stay safe.

But how do you know which one to pick?

The best pram toys:

We’ve taken a look at the best pram toys out there that will keep your baby happy and stimulated while out on their daily adventures. From Mother&Baby award winners to our must-have top picks, have a browse through this lot...

Best activity book pram toy

Babies love getting to grips with their very own books, and this lovely Nuby Baby Activity Book will keep them entertained on the go. Its cute animals crinkle and squeak when pressed, and its bright colours will keep your baby stimulated. It comes with a teether too, so your baby can soothe their sore gums whilst exploring their favourite book.

Review: "I bought this for my 4-month-old baby and she loves it. She cries when she accidentally drops it! The pages are easy to grab and make a crinkly sound to keep babies attention. Lots of textures and different things to touch and play with, so as her motor skills improve I know she will remain engaged with this book!"

Best activity arch pram toy

This cute activity arch attaches to your pram and has an array of sweet little characters to keep your little one entertained. The little bird sings a variety of melodies, it has a baby-activated fan, other character rattles and a crinkle to keep little hands active.

Review: "I searched and searched for the best toy bar to buy. I finally decided to buy this one and I'm so glad I did. My 3/4-month-old son adores all three parts. He pulls on the carrot, enjoys the flower spinning. Pretty sure he's in love with the fox he stares at it so much and he loves playing with the bee. It's easy to attach and the arms are flexible due to the joints, so I'm sure it would attach to most prams. One of the parts rattles slightly when we walk which I quite like, like our own little fanfare haha. Great product!"

The best Very Hungry Caterpillar pram toy

The classic Very Hungry Caterpillar is a must-have pram pal for your growing baby. Its bright colours will keep them engaged and they will love exploring the crinkly, jingly and rattling body. It has a teether for soothing gums and is easily attachable to your pram.

Review: "My 4-month-old likes him. He likes the various textures, colours and sounds, and has started biting the little feet (he only bites the paddle bit at the end if I'm holding it). It's better when he is holding it as opposed to it just hanging as it is a big stick essentially, but that means he can grab it with both hands. There are lots of things like the squeaky strawberry that he hasn't discovered. I find the eyes a little bit creepy looking, but my baby doesn't seem to mind!"

Best under water pram toy

Lamaze has a great range of pram toys to choose from, and we just love this little jellyfish. It's the perfect companion for your baby with its soft cuddly body and smiley face. It has high contrast black and white patterns, crinkly and smooth ribbons, and a squeaker to keep your baby entertained. It even has a teething ring, an essential for when those pesky gnashers start to come through.

Review: "It's a smaller Lamaze which is good for smaller hands. My little boy likes the different textures of the 'tentacles' and grabbing the rings. He isn't teething yet, but it's the same rings that most of the Lamaze Toys have. I think they're a bit hard for teething, but great for keeping little hands busy!"

Best unicorn pram toy

This jazzy unicorn is sure to be a firm favourite with your baby. Its bold colours will keep them entertained, whilst the rattle feet and crinkly features will provide lots of sensory fun. It has a mirrored wing for self-discovery, and it is soft and cuddly, too.

Review: "My 14-week-old daughter loves this and it is one of her favourite toys to play with. She likes the nice face of the unicorn and all of the things that it has like crinkly feet, mirror wings, 'bracelets' around an ankle etc. Would highly recommend it."

Best activity pram toy

Baby Whoozit is a classic, multi-sensory pram toy that will keep little fingers entertained for hours. Your baby will love the bright colours and high-contrast arms, as well as the crinkle paper, rattles, squeakers and loops. It even has a hidden mirror under its red fuzzy nose, perfect for a game of peek-a-boo.

Review: "I’ve bought Whoozits for all my grandchildren and friends babies too and they have all adored them! They’re beautifully made and have a lovely balance. I don’t know if it’s the bright colours or the different sounds and textures but I intend to continue to buy them every time a new baby arrives! My family all say, 'Everyone loves a Whoozit'!”

Best budget pram toy

This Nuby Baby Pram Toy is super fluffy, cuddly and simplistic - the perfect companion for your baby while you’re on the move. It has a star-shaped teether to soothe sore gums, and a mirror for your baby to play with reflections. It also chimes when it’s moved, keeping your baby entertained.

Review: "I was pleased with the quality of the pram toy, which I purchased to finish off a baby hamper gift. Happy with purchase."

Best fox pram toy

A bestseller from the Lamaze collection, Flannery the Fox has lots of different textures to encourage tactile stimulation. He has an array of different patterns too, as well as a squeaker to keep your little one entertained. When your baby shakes Flannery they will hear him purr, teaching them cause and effect. He also comes with a teether.

Review: "I love Lamaze toys. I always buy one for friends' newborns, and finally, have the opportunity to buy them for my child following the recent birth of my daughter.The bright colours, variety of textures and extra bits and pieces mean that this will provide all kinds of stimulation for even the youngest children. Forget that army of beige and cream cuddly blanket animals. This has a high-contrast back (lots of bold black and white stripes for early vision), it rattles, it crinkles, it's got a mirrored bit and bits to chew/grab. Can easily be hung from playmats, carrycots, car seats etc."

Best musical pram toy

Your little one will be monkeying around with this adorable VTech Swing & Sing Monkey. It’s super soft and cuddly and when you squeeze its tummy it plays three different songs and 15 melodies. The bright colours are visually stimulating, and the banana teether will soothe your little one's sore gums. It also has an apple-shaped mirror and crinkly features to keep little fingers active.

Review: "My daughter is in love with this! She is 16 weeks old and her face lights up every time the music plays. Which makes me so happy, I love how you can shake it to make it make noise which is great for a baby who cannot press the button yet. The ears are crinkly and make a rustling noise that my baby loves. She cannot hold it as it's big for her, so she hugs it, which is cute!"

Best link pram toy

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that grasp your baby's attention for the longest. This best-selling Bright Starts Lots of Links Take-Along Toys do just that. Watch as your baby squeezes, turns, pinches and chews on these super bendy links, and practices taking them apart. They are perfect for attaching other toys to the pram, too, so no more constantly picking up things that your baby has thrown out of the pram.

Review: "For the price, these are brilliant. You can use them just as they are as a toy, or to attach toys to car seats, pushchairs, carriers etc. My daughter loves the colours and textures and you get plenty in a pack. I only gave her eight of the twenty-four and left the rest in the packet so we have plenty of spares if any go missing. Brilliant little product."

Best food-themed pram toy

Whether you’re an avocado fan or not, this cute little avocado pram toy is a lovely accessory for your little one's pram. It’s super soft and has a velcro fastening so that your baby can practice putting it together and taking it apart. It has coloured beads in the stone, and a happy little face that'll keep your tot company on the go. 

Best doll pram toy

Emily is a beautiful doll pram toy that is sure to keep your baby entertained. She comes with a rattle necklace, a crinkly dress and clacking rings. She has a soft velour body, just perfect for your little one to cuddle up to.

Review: "I bought this for my friend’s three-month-old daughter. I wasn’t expecting to be able to leave a review based on whether the baby herself liked the doll, yet my friend tells me she fell in love with it! She wouldn’t stop staring at 'Emily' and smiling. She’s now nine months old and is just as enamoured! In other news, the item arrived very quickly, was well packaged and good value - in line with other Lamaze toys I’ve previously bought. Recommended."

Best personalised pram toy

This lovely spiral activity toy will keep tiny hands entertained with its black and white design featuring pops of yellow. The soft panda, dog and star will help to develop your little ones fine motor skills and cognitive development. You can get the star personalised with your baby’s name, or perhaps get it as a gift for someone special. 


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