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Brilliant Door Products For Child Safety

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Save your toddler’s fingers from slamming doors and keep them out of places they shouldn’t be with our pick of the best door safety products

Dreambaby Door Knob Covers

Prevent your curious toddler from accessing potentially dangerous areas such as the bathroom, garage, basement, or storage rooms with these door knob covers. They simply snap on, making it easy for adults to grip, squeeze and turn but hard for little hands to do the same (£3.95,

Dreambaby door knob covers

Lindam Xtra Guard Latch with Dual Function

Stop your toddler opening cupboard doors (and slamming or catching their fingers in them) with these special latches, which hold doors together until you unhook them. They’re also ideal for cupboards containing cleaning products or glassware – we all know how tots like to explore (£4,

Lindam Dual Locking Multi-Purpose Latch

Babydan Key Guard

Prevent your toddler turning the key and getting locked in with the BabyDan Key Guard. It can be used with most types of keys – cylinder and household – simply fasten your key into the key guard, put it back into the lock and the double locking mechanism means the unit will turn without the key moving. If you need to lock the door, you just press it in and turn the key (£2.69, Easy!

Babydan Key Guard

Jamm Doorstop

Acting like a door wedge, the Jamm Doorstop slides under the door to prevent it from opening or closing in either direction and safely holds it ajar, ensuring little fingers and toes are kept protected from slamming doors and hinges. It’s made from a special material that grips the floor surface and holds the door fast until you’re ready to remove it (£4.95,

Jamm Doorstop

Clippasafe Finger Protecting Door Hinge Guards

With swinging doors, you need to watch out in case your toddler gets his fingers caught near the hinge (if this has ever happened to you, you’ll know how painful it is). These finger trap protection strips provide a barrier from the floor up to a height of 120cm (you can also buy one for 180cm heights) and can be fitted using strong adhesive (£20.99,

Clippasafe Finger Trap Protection Strips

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