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The best baby proofing kits and products to keep your tot safe

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Baby-proofing products

Once your baby arrives, suddenly you see your house in a whole new light, all those possibilities for painful injuries that you never thought of before. 

And as soon as your little one starts moving around - first crawling, then walking - there are even more chances for bumps and bruises. From banging heads on the corner of tables to incidents with the oven, there are enough potential dangers around the house to keep you awake at night. 

Luckily there are a lot of products available to buy that will help keep your home safe and your baby protected, preventing knocks, bumps, and injuries.  

We've listed the best baby-proofing kits and products you can buy today that will soften edges and prevent accidents. 

The best baby proofing kits and products

Baby proofing kits

This 36 piece kit makes a great starting point for babyproofing your home. It contains eight corner protections, eight cabinet protections, eight magnetic locks with two keys and ten socket protections.

Review: "Perfect to stop my little boy from putting things in socket points, but although they look nicer than the first set I bought, they are easier to remove, which is great for me but means my little boy can also remove them if he wants! Luckily he hasn’t tried yet, so I’m only using these where he’s unlikely to reach them like behind the sofa."

You'll notice Dreambaby crop up a lot in this piece and that's because they do great baby proofing products. This 46 piece set includes ten safety catches, 30 outlet plugs, two cabinet sliding locks, two multi-purpose latchs and two doorknob covers, offering complete safety for your baby.

Review: "I bought this because the little one started crawling over to play with the wall sockets. But before we attached them to any cupboards (he'd only been crawling a week). We found him in the kitchen playing with bleach bottles. For £12, it was well worth it."

This five-in-one kit contains five different kinds of baby proofing pieces: 20 socket covers, ten cabinet locks, ten cupboard locks and four rectangular locks and four door stoppers, all made from non-toxic, odourless materials.

Review: "Very good pack. It has everything I was looking for at a reasonable price. They stick well my doors and cupboard, which is a lifesaver as my toddler kept opening every door and I was constantly running around. Now he cannot open any cupboard."

Baby proofing door products

Prevent your curious toddler from accessing potentially dangerous areas such as the bathroom, garage, basement, or storage rooms with these door knob covers. They simply snap on, making it easy for adults to grip, squeeze and turn, but hard for little hands to do the same. 

Review: "The boy hasn't figured them out yet and he's like a velociraptor, continually testing for weaknesses in my baby proofing fortress. He's almost two."

Stop your toddler opening cupboard doors (and slamming or catching their fingers in them) with these special latches, which hold doors together until you unhook them. They’re also ideal for cupboards containing cleaning products or glassware.

Review: "To most this looks like a simple lock, but to me, it was much more than that! It was the hope that I would never have to guard the fridge door from my two-year-old anymore! Despite being well-fed, he likes to take things out of the fridge at every opportunity and this has resulted in one frustrated mummy! When this arrived, I was sadly very excited, I even had a little chuckle to myself as I opened it, knowing the end of his fridge raiding days were over. When I opened the package I was impressed, this lock means business, every one of its predecessors had proven to be no match for my son, who would destroy them over several days. I may be speaking prematurely... But, I believe this is the lock I have been looking for! I will be guarding the fridge no more! If you can relate to my situation, I highly recommend that you give this lock a go."

Prevent your toddler from turning the key and getting locked in with the BabyDan Key Guard. It can be used with most types of keys including cylinder and household. Simply fasten your key into the keyguard, put it back into the lock, and the double locking mechanism ensures the unit will turn without the key moving. If you need to lock the door, press it in and turn the key.

Review: "Great safety feature for our door, opens like a bottle cap on a medicine bottle. As soon as we fitted it, our toddler could no longer turn the key in the door, we’ll worth the purchase."

Jamm Doorstop

£8.95 - RRP: £12.50

Acting as a door wedge, the Jamm Doorstop slides under the door to prevent it from opening or closing in either direction and safely holds it ajar, ensuring little fingers and toes are kept protected from slamming doors and hinges. It’s made from a special material that grips the floor surface and holds the door fast until you’re ready to remove it.

Review: "Constantly battling a three-year-olds obsession with slamming the lounge door is over - The war is won! I thought this product was a little expensive, BUT I had to have something that works and does not cause damage to the door or floor and this does exactly that. He’s not happy he keeps trying to move the door, but it’s like it’s welded to the earth's core. Fab product and would recommend to anyone."

Doors seem to attract toddler and baby fingers like moths to a flame. These finger trap protection strips provide a barrier from the floor up to a height of 120cm and can be fitted using strong adhesive (you can buy them at 180cm too).

Review: "With our back door being open almost all summer this was a godsend as my two-year-old always goes through the door steadying herself on the hinged area. It was an accident waiting to happen but this product eliminates chances of trapped fingers. A little bit expensive for what they are, but safety first"

Baby proofing oven and cooker products

Keep your inquisitive little ones from hurting themselves by installing an oven lock on your stove or microwave.

Review: "Does the job and is easy to install. I don't worry anymore if my daughter is close to the oven when it is hot."

Heat resistant, this oven door lock stops little fingers from opening the oven door.

Review: "This has stuck on well to our oven, and it prevents a very curious toddler from being able to open the oven door. It also prevents a very tired mummy from being able to open the oven door too, but that’s a small price to pay for knowing my little idiot can’t investigate a hot oven!"

Little ones love to explore with their hands, prevent them from a potential accident by installing oven doorknob guards on your kitchen appliances. 

Review: "Genius; but I am not using it as intended. By cutting a slot in the base I can slide it over our internal front doorknob and then fit the lid. Our two-year-old can spin the plastic cover, but can't get traction on the doorknob and get out. All we have to do is open it up to get at the doorknob. She will work it out, but it gives us a few weeks rest."

Heat-resistant and easily installed, the Prince Lionheart Stove Guard protects your little one from scalds and burns.

Review: "Had this for five years, and have been very happy with it. I have two small children, and I couldn't imagine cooking without them. Recently moved house, so I bought another one. The day before it arrived, it became clear just how accident-prone this hob is. Relieved to have it. Get one! Hint: it's much more stable if you don't extend it at all when you fit it. Otherwise, there's every chance it will detach under its own weight."

Keep your pots and pans out of reach using a cooker guard. Using the backburners and turning handles inwards are also important safety measure to take.

Review: "This is the most useful child safety device that I have purchased! I have an electric hob that glows red and would probably attract little hands. This covers the glow and keeps little people away from the cooker. It's quite sturdy if they ever did manage to reach onto the cooker. I would still never leave my little one in the kitchen on his own or let him touch the cooker. Toddlers are so quick though, this is a good device to stop anything awful happening if they do manage to get to a cooker whilst it is on. It's adjustable so fits different sizes. Mine is still going strong after a year."

Baby proofing cupboards and drawers

Simply screw a stopper into the back of the drawer, and it will catch on the upper lip of the drawer holder.

Add a lock to your kitchen drawers and keep inquisitive hands away from the knives or cutlery with the BabyDan Adhesive Magnetic Drawer Lock. It works by using a magnetic key to turn the lock 'off' and allowing you to open the drawer.

Review: "These work wonderfully. We have the lever type baby door locks in the kitchen and we wanted something less crude and easier to use. These are completely unobtrusive and fit snugly - baby can't try to fit his fingers in the gap and close the door over like he can on the kitchen ones - far less drama!"

If you’ve got a cupboard full of cleaning products, keep them out of reach of your toddler with this easy-to-secure lock. It works well on cabinet doors that have knobs that you can loop the flexible plastic over - a padlock symbol appears once you know the device is locked. You then push in the grey button and pull it apart to unlock and remove it.

Review: "I bought one of these for my bathroom under sink cupboard to keep the little one out. It does the job and its saved me lots of mess for a small price."

Want to babyproof your coffee table? Stick on a soft foam table guard to protect your child from knocks and bangs.

Review: "I would highly recommend this product if you want to ensure that your little ones are free from harm and to give you peace of mind. I have used this on my coffee table where my tot loves to stand up. Now I can be reassured that should he stumble that he will not injure himself severely due to the padding that this product provides. I have also purchased another colour for my TV stand. I like the fact that you can cut it to your required size and have found the length to be ample enough to do the job. However be warned I did not try a small sample on my wooden coffee table before applying it fully and have since discovered after lifting it to adjust it slightly that it has removed some of the wood. Be very careful how you peel it off."

Sharp edges can be very hazardous for babies and toddlers, especially when they’re learning to crawl and walk, which often means they’ll be unsteady on their feet. Simply baby-proof all your shelf and furniture edges with corner cushions to avoid accidents.

Review: "We bought these corner protectors last month and have found them to be great! They are much thicker than others on the market and are one complete piece rather than foam sections glued together. They come with adhesive strips to stick to furniture to stop my little one from pulling them off the table. Now that I have these, I don't worry so much about my little one bumping her head or getting hurt. A relief in the house!"

These high-impact corner cushions offer triple protection from all three impact ‘danger zones’ - top, sides and head-on.

Review: "After some extensive research on corner protectors and having an 18-month-old, I decided to buy these and was very pleased with the product. The instructions were so easy that I allowed my 11-year-old to install them on to the table. The 3M double-sided tape is very strong and holds the cushions to the table well, so much so that my toddler uses the cushions as handles to move the table and they still don't come off.

"The trick is to make sure that the cushions are cleaned before installing and to clean the table in question. I would also allow a good 30 minutes for the adhesive to adhere to the table. You do get what you pay for and these are very expensive, but also good value.

"All it takes is a split second for a serious injury against the corner of a table and this product has put my mind at ease. The only negative aspect would be that they do stick out a lot, but I was aware of that before purchasing, and I have no problems with that aspect. I have bought cheaper ones which are pulled off by the same 18-month-old."

These foam corner guards by SafeTots are perfect to fix on to furniture or surfaces that have sharp edges. Attach with double-sided sticky tape, which can be easily removed when no longer needed.

Made from foam and measuring 40cm in length, these edge bumpers are perfect to fit on any desk, table or shelf to prevent serious injury to your baby or toddler.

Review: "We bought these corner protectors last month and have found them to be great! They are much thicker than others on the market and are one complete piece rather than foam sections glued together. They come with adhesive strips to stick to furniture to stop my little one from pulling them off the table.

"Now that I have these, I don't worry so much about my little one bumping her head or getting hurt. A relief in the house!"

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