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How To Childproof Furniture And Radiators

Section: Safety

Whether your baby is learning to crawl for the first time or your toddler is having fun around the house, babyproofing your furniture is an essential way to protect your little one from injuries, knocks or bangs.

If you are just starting out baby proofing your home, make sure you read or print out our baby proofing checklist to make sure you have everything covered (sometimes, quite literally!). 

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The Prince Lionheart Table Edge Guard, £12.95, Amazon

Want to babyproof your coffee table? Stick on a soft foam table guard to protect your little one from knocks and bangs.
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Dreambaby Glass Table and Shelf Corner Cushion Pack of Four, £2.49, Tesco

Sharp edges can be very hazardous for babies and toddlers, especially when they’re learning to crawl and walk, which often means they’ll be unsteady on their feet. Simply baby-proof all your shelf and furniture edges with corner cushions to avoid accidents.
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Lindam Energy Absorbing Corner Cushions, £2.99, Safe Tots

These high-impact corner cushions offer triple protection from all three impact ‘danger zones’ – top, sides and head on.
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SafeTots Foam Corner Guards, £2.45, Safe Tots

These foam corner guards by SafeTots are perfect to fix onto furniture or surfaces that have sharp edges. Attach with double-sided sticky tape, which can be easily removed when no longer needed.
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Dreambaby Foam Edge Bumpers, £10.99, Safe Tots

Made from foam and measuring 40cm in length, these edge bumpers are perfect to fit on any desk, table or shelf to prevent serious injury to your baby or toddler.
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Padded Radiator Cover, £29.99, Safe Tots

Prevent radiator burns with a padded radiator cover, which you can buy in a range of colours.

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