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The best Netflix shows to binge if you're up all night with a baby

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Another night feed? Instead of staring at the ceiling, why not grab your laptop or tablet and binge some good Netflix shows whilst you feed your little one. 

Whether you’re a fan of gritty crime shows like Luther, can’t get enough of hilarious comedies or just want something that's relatable like Workin' Moms, it’s all available in just a click.

Netflix is handy for the middle of the night or 3am when you just can't get back to sleep, and the best part is you'll not have to fight over what show to watch as no one else is awake...

So, sign in to your Netflix account and indulge on the best TV series available at the moment.

10 Netflix shows to binge during the night feeds:

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1) Outnumbered

This show will keep you laughing throughout each episode – and possibly give you a glimpse of things to come once your tot is older!. It’s a good one to watch in the middle of the night as each episode has a conclusive ending – so you won’t be left kept awake and wondering what happens in the next one.
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2) Suits

Glorious shots of New York City, sharp-suited New York lawyers back-stabbing and double-crossing everyone and having a right ball while they do it. So whether you're doing the nightfeed or the little ones and your partner have taken up all the room in the bed sending you to the sofa, you'll be quickly hooked on the story line. 
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3) Workin' Moms

This Canadian show is so relatable you'd think it was about your own life. Four mums quickly form an unlikely friendship at a 'mummy group' and quickly start to share the struggles of urban motherhood, with the chaos of toddlers, tantrums, careers, and identity crises. It's almost as if you're all up at 4am together with a cup of coffee to get you through. 
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4) Stranger Things

While there are some scenes that you'll probably not want to watch before you fall asleep, you'll be hooked on the plot line of this series set in the 1980's that will throw you into the up-side-down. You won't be able to resist watching 'one more episode' to find out what happens to Will Byers and his friends, or what happens to Eleven. If you make it to the end of Season 3, too, you might need a few tissues.
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5) Breaking Bad

It may have finished now, but there’s a reason why everyone is still talking about Breaking Bad. Centering around a teacher-turned-crystal-meth-cooker, you’ll get through all five seasons before your tot turns one, (or by the end of the week if you're that dedicated to the sleepless nights). And it’s got 9.9 on IMDB. Need we say more? 
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6) Friday Night Dinner

Family dinners don't always go to plan, and we all have that one neighbour we try to avoid when we leave the house. This hilarious show uses typical family life to make a hilarious series. Can't sleep after the night feed? Why not sit down and settle in for the night with a binge watch of Friday Night Dinner? 
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7) Doctor Who

With 10 seasons to binge on Netflix, 
your insomnia is the perfect reason to catch up on the Doctor’s adventures in his Tardis.
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8) Friends

Just like the song, this series will be there for you during the night, through the nightfeeds, feeling restless or unsettled. The classic show will have you laughing through each episode and is completely relatable to your 20s, navigating through life, love and jobs. 
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9) Call the Midwife

You may need some tissues at hand when watching this, but it’s well worth it. Call The Midwife sheds light on pregnancy and birth in the 1950s but it isn’t all happy endings – the programme isn’t afraid to skirt around tougher issues. 
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10) Luther

If you missed out on Luther while it was on TV, now’s your chance to catch up on this hugely popular crime drama. Gritty, British and seriously addictive, it should definitely be on your night-time viewing schedule. And Idris Elba can give you sweet dreams...!

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