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Tommee Tippee introduces the first ever SleepFest 2020

There’s no preparing for the endless sleepless nights you’ll have with your baby and although people had warned you and you were expecting it, the lack of sleep can be a real shock to the system and have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing meaning it’s essential that as a parent you learn how to sleep better – even if baby doesn’t want to.

Thankfully, Tommee Tippee are inviting parents to rediscover their love of sleep as they play host to SleepFest 2020. As part of World Sleep Day 2020, the trusted baby experts are on a mission to support parents and little ones with all things sleep on Friday, March 13 at The Yard in Shoreditch, London.

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During SleepFest, parents will be able to join an open conversation about sleep to discover tips and tricks that might help them create the ultimate haven of relaxation for both themselves and their babies. Over the day there are helpful workshops, relaxing experiences and interactive group discussions led by a panel of experts.

Special guests include parenting gurus Rosie Ramsey and Rachaele Hambleton (also known as @parttimeworkingmummy), as well as a child sleep expert qualified in the art of slumber for little ones. There will also be gentle, live music performances curated by MAMI, a collective of mamas in music, to help set the mood of SleepFest.

Festival goers will also be helped on how to create the perfect nursery environment with the use of calming scent sprays and comforting nursery posters and there will be the opportunity to buy any goodies with some retail therapy.

The day will be split into two sessions, morning (9am – 1pm) and afternoon (2pm – 6pm). Tickets cost £10 with 50 per cent of all ticket sales donated to the Lullaby Trust and are available to purchase via Eventbrite. Tickets also include a goody bag.  

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