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What is pink noise?

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What is pink noise?

We've all heard of white noise and how good it can be for helping us nod off, but some people find different kinds of noises more helpful, such as brown noise and even pink noise. But what is pink noise? And how can it help us sleep? 

What is pink noise? 

The colour of the noise is determined by the energy, frequency and speed of the sound. Pink noise produces a deeper sound as they're at a lower frequency and can sound very flat and even to the ear. Nature sounds have a lot of pink noise in them including rustling leaves, wind, heartbeats and steady rain, all of which your baby might find very calming and relaxing. 

How can pink noise help you get to sleep? 

While some noises stimulate your brain, such as your alarm clock or loud horns and sirens, others can relax you and calm the brain. 

There have been numerous studies into the science behind pink noise which suggests there is a positive link between pink noise and deep sleep. Despite this research, there still hasn't been as much research into the benefits of pink noise as there has been for white noise, so the jury is still out on which kind of noise is better for sleep. Some parents do find however that their little one prefers pink noise or brown compared to white noise. 

Ways to listen to pink noise

The best way to listen to pink noise is on a streaming service such as YouTube. We've listed some of the best videos below: 

You could also try listening with an app or alternatively, if your child seems to react well to pink noise, a pink noise machine could be for you. 

This machine produces 10 different kinds of both white and pink noise so you get the best of both worlds. It's also really compact so can sit comfortably upon most shelves and tables. 

The sound of the heartbeat is one of the most soothing pink noise sounds making this adorable cuddly toy perfect for any baby trying to get to sleep. 

Not only does this come complete with 10 different relaxing sounds, it also features a calming light with 11 different settings, making it a night light and sound machine in one. 

This machine is ideal for warmer nights, featuring both an oscillating fan and pink noise sounds to make sure your tot is relaxed and cool during the night. 

Featuring both white and pink noise, this adorable rabbit cuddly restarts with soothing sounds as soon as it hears crying to help keep your baby calm. Best of all, it's machine washable and suitable from birth. 

Available in six different colours with five different sound options including white noise, pink noise, rainfall, ocean waves, and heartbeat. It also has 15 different volume settings and fades out after 60 minutes. 

With four soothing sounds including a heartbeat, pink noise, lullaby and waterfall sound plus two light options with a calming pink glow and soft white night light your baby will feel comforted and settled before sleep. 

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