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There’s a lot going on inside your baby’s nappy

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Nappies. You use them every day, your baby spends the majority of their time wearing them and you wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without a stock in your bag, but do you really know what’s going on inside your baby’s nappy?

Brands invest millions in developing the latest technology for the baby industry, from prams and car seats to digital devices and – it may not be the first product you think of – but nappies too! Extensive research, testing and validation is involved, all to ensure your baby gets the best possible care and protection.

So, would you be surprised to know that nappies can be made up of over 20 different components, each with an extremely important part to play? From absorbent cores to stretchy tabs, leg cuffs and waist elastics – teams of experts develop and innovate these items to create the best possible products.

ASDA Little Angels Newborn and Comfort & Protect nappies recently underwent a technology upgrade and now include innovative SmartFlo™ absorbency. Channels within the nappy help to evenly distribute wetness which leads to faster absorption and increased comfort for your little one. Paired with Little Angels’ super-absorbent gel beads, this means the nappies can offer up to 12-hours of dryness so your baby stays dry through the night.

Super soft materials ensure delicate skin is cared for and Little Angels are the first supermarket own-label nappy brand to be accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, so you know you’re in safe hands. For added protection, a secure flexi-fit waistband and gently elasticated leg cuffs ensure that messes are contained safely within the nappy.

The main cause of dreaded leaks is being in the wrong size nappy, so you’ll want to be sure when it’s time to move to the next size so baby always gets the best protection. Look out for handy size-up guides which feature on ASDA Little Angels nappies to help you identify when it’s time to go up a size – simply check that the sticky tabs still fasten in the coloured area and if they don’t then it’s time to size-up. Easy!

Just as important as skin safety and leakage prevention, affordability is a key consideration for parents when choosing a nappy range. ASDA Little Angels nappies start at only 89p per pack and affordable jumbo packs allow you to stock up for less, so you won’t break the bank. One Mother & Baby product tester said, “They are comfortable for the baby, they don’t leak and are affordable nappies.”


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