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Annabel Karmel launches her new Digital Weaning Course

If your little one is sitting up straight and has become increasingly interested in what's on your plate, it's likely they are ready to be weaned onto solid food. 

Where did all that time go?

As a new mum it can be hard to know where to start and with so many opinions on the best way to wean your baby, the world of weaning can be a minefield to navigate. What food should you be giving them? Are they really ready? Should it be baby-led? What if they refuse food? What if they have allergies?

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Luckily, weaning expert Annabel Karmel has just launched her handy guide to weaning with her new Digital Weaning Course to answer all those weaning questions you may have.

The complete course is accessed via your phone or tablet and acts as your best friend from start to finish throughout your baby’s weaning journey.

Designed in collaboration with the Early Years Nutrition Partnership and its expert team of registered dietitians and nutritionists, Annabel’s step-by-step online audio course provides you with the right information you need to feed your baby confidently.

Complete with videos, printable downloads, meal planners and 100 nutritious recipes, the course is set-up to fit around you and your life. 


What is included in the course?

In the helpful digital course, you will receive: 

  • 6 Tutorials containing easy-to-follow Chapters delivered via audio by Annabel Karmel
  • Lists, charts and meal planners to download or print
  • Helpful short videos with Annabel and leading experts
  • 100 NEW nutritious recipes to support baby’s weaning journey
  • Dedicated support service


What do real mums think?

Georgie Walton and baby Archie, London

"I wanted to get clued-up before weaning my little boy, so I tried a local weaning workshop. I had to bring Archie with me and it was really hard to concentrate. I then found out about Annabel’s course and it was a game changer. I could pick it up when Archie was napping or sleeping which was brilliant. I love the fact that you can start and stop at any time, and I’ve saved all of the charts, lists and videos on my phone. I’d highly recommend to any parent."


The complete weaning course costs £59 which can be paid as a one-off payment or three interest-free instalment payments of £20 per month. Available to purchase here

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