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Ask the expert: your weaning questions answered with Rachel FitzD and ASDA

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Rachel fitzD

This is the first of a four part Ask The Expert video series with ASDA, which will tackle parenting FAQs on nappies, newborn and bathing. This first video is all about weaning.

Weaning can be a bit of a minefield, but don't panic, parenting and baby expert Rachel FitzD is on hand to answer all of your questions about weaning, with tips that may help you on your weaning journey.

"Some people say you should start with purees on a spoon and mum should be in charge," says Rachel. "Other people tell you that everything should be finger foods and baby should do it all! In truth, as long as you're not starting too soon, a mixture of both is great."

Variety is key when it comes to weaning, serve up a mixture of fruits and vegetables and give your tot a little taste of something new to try every day. 

A common concern is whether you're feeding your baby too much or too little, but Rachel reassures that your baby will be your guide. "Babies self-regulate their appetite, they'll take as much as they need whether this is food, breastmilk, formula or water. Don't overwhelm them, and don't worry if it feels like your little one isn't eating very much.

"Let them decide how much they want to eat at any time, sometimes they'll eat a very little amount and other days they'll want to eat you out of house and home! This is completely normal."

From how and when to start weaning, foods to avoid, spoon fed vs baby-led and everything in between, Rachel shares her insight and knowledge in the video below. 

Look out for the rest of the four part Ask The Expert series with ASDA on the Mother&Baby YouTube channel.

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A good bib is an essential weaning purchase. This Out & About bendy bib is perfect for fuss-free mealtimes whether you're at home or feeding on-the-go. Stay-put ridges on the back help keep the bib in place, while the handy pouch catches what your baby's mouth misses! It folds up for easy storage and is easy clean too.

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pop over bibIf your little one is a bit of an escape artist, these pop over bibs are a great way of making feeding times a little less stressful - and a little less messy! Simply pop it over your little wriggler's head and let them dive into their meal.

ASDA Little Angels Organic Yummy Fruit Apple & Strawberry, RRP £1.50

pureeYou should introduce a variety of fruits and vegetables to your weaning tot. Purees are a great way of introducing new flavours, or having a handy snack for on-the-go. 

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carrotThese organic snacks are perfectly sized for diddy hands and also help develop your little angel's fine motor skills.

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It's very likely that your baby will be teething around the same time as weaning. So a soothing teether is a good idea to have on hand. You can also feed your tot foods such as toast, or slices of apple for them to alleviate their weaning pain. This teether has been specifically designed for baby's little hands and helps soothe tender, inflamed gums and ease the discomfort of emerging teeth. Simply pop them in the fridge before letting your little one play with the cooling teether.

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