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Sugar-free baby food to help you wean clean

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Sugar-free baby food to help you wean clean

If you want to wean your baby cleanly and without sugar, you need to shop smart to seek out products with no added sugar.

Read the ingredients list and you’ll be surprised how often you find added sugar in baby-food brands – and 4g of sugar equals one teaspoonful.

But there are plenty of tasty treats that have been made without added refined sugar. Try these for starters:

A pouch of nothing but fruit, coconut and a dash of lemon juice. Heavenly Coconut Squishies Mango, Apple and Banana, from six months, £3 for four,

Heinz blueberry oaty porridge

With 12 key vitamins and minerals for your baby’s development. Heinz Blueberry Oaty Porridge, from seven months, £3 for 240g,

Organix strawberry biscuits

The ring shape makes this treat easy for little hands to hold. Organix Finger Food Baby Biscuit Strawberry Snack, from seven months, £1.40 for 54g,

Asda little angels

Lots of texture and a sweet taste of apple. Asda Little Angels Apple Flavoured Rice Cakes, from seven months, 85p for 40g,

Cow & Gate

Each pot is made from a small apple, a third of a banana and a dash of extra vitamin C. Cow & Gate Apple & Banana Pots, from four months, £1.47 for four,

Ella's Kitchen

A tasty pud with bananas and apples for good measure. Ella’s Kitchen Greek Yoghurt with Mango, from six months, £1,



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