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17 thoughts every mum-to-be has when shopping for baby essentials

Baby essentials. Two words bandied around like you’re supposed to know exactly what’s essential and what’s not.

Then you go into an actual store and it’s a minefield of everything cute, colourful and confusing.

Here are the many thoughts every mum-to-be experiences when shopping for their new arrival... How many can you relate to? 


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1) How will he fit in that?

Yes, that baby in your tummy will actually be big enough to fit in an item of clothing by the time he’s born. Wow.
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2) Now, where’s my to-buy list?

When it comes to getting sorted with all the baby essentials, it's impossible to do it successfully without a list. Whether it’s in a notepad, on your phone or the back of your arm, organisation (or a sense of it) is key.
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3) Ooh so pretty!

You've now discovered all those adorable babygros. The plain ones minus buttons, zips and co may be more practical but check out the ones with the tutus and bows! So cute. 
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4) River Island makes baby clothes?

Yes, yes it does! Well, from this month anyway. This is just a heads up so you can stock up on River Island Mini for the future.
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5) What’s that for?

We have a feeling that this question may crop up a lot... It’s probably to store dirty nappies in. 
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6) Let’s copy her

When you feel completely out of depth when shopping for the all-important essentials, the best thing to do is copy all the other mum-to-be's so you no longer look like a lost puppy. 
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7) Ah, a seat…

Gathering all the bits and bobs you need for your little arrival can be so tiring, so if there's a seat, you're going to sit down. Forget that – let’s have a break for a bit *uses shoe stand as footstool*. 
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8) Hmm, wonder if there’s a café

Whether you're pregnant or not, the best part of any shopping trip is the little break in the middle involving some cake. 
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9) Or a toilet

OK, this is a pregnancy thing.
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10) I want one in every colour

You've seen the most gorgeous pair of baby shoes and you don't think you've ever seen something so innocent and adorable. Maybe drop hints (email web links) to friends and family.
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11) How many nappies do we need?

Chances are more than you think – your newborn will need about 10 nappy changes in 24 hours (yes, really). After feeds is the common time. 
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12) Pushchairs. Panic!

There’s 2-in-1, 3-in-1, lightweight… And the names don’t really tell you that much. Also, what’s the difference between a buggy, pushchair, pram and travel system? Eek! Check out M&B’s reviews section.
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13) Focus

There’s a store assistant talking you through the pushchairs, but she’s going so fast. The mummy/baby brain has got you on a bad day. 
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14) We definitely need that teddy

Every baby needs one. Even though you know deep down he won’t even glance at it for about six months.
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15) Fingers crossed the shop delivers

Your two-door car zips around like a trooper – but it wasn’t built to carry half of Mothercare.
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16) My overdraft hates me

Of course, we wouldn't be anywhere with a kind helping hand, aka our overdrafts. But we can't help thinking about how much money we've spent. Sigh.
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17) We’re having a baby

You’ll be using all these things in a few months time. It’s pretty incredible, really. And breathe.

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