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The best baby bath sponges for an enjoyable bath time experience

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The best baby bath sponges

From their first bath to bath time fun as a toddler, keeping clean is a regular part of your little one’s routine.

While your new arrival may not enjoy bath time in their first few weeks, they’ll soon grow to love them! A warm and relaxing part of their day, a soft bath sponge could only make it even better.

Designed to be kind to baby’s delicate skin, baby bath sponges will help make bath time that little bit easier. Ensuring a deep yet gentle clean for your baby, sponge baths are perfect for newborns.

Sponge baths provide a much better clean than only using soap, they let you get into the curves and bends of your baby’s body and can be great fun at the same time!

Top tips for your baby’s first bath

Start with a sponge bath - Until your baby’s umbilical cord stump falls off (usually between 10 days and three weeks after birth), you’ll need to keep this area clean and dry. Rather than giving them a proper bath opt for a sponge bath.

Temperature - You want your baby’s bath water temperature to be comfortably warm, but definitely not hot. The temperature you’re aiming for should be 37-38 degrees which is around body temperature. Buy yourself a baby bath thermometer to help you achieve the ideal temperature.

Keep it mild – Stick to a plain warm water bath in the first months to avoid any irritation on your baby’s delicate skin. When you decide it’s time for more than that, look for products with natural ingredients that are extra gentle on your baby’s skin.

Forget toys - They won’t be interested in bath toys until they’re a bit older, but for now, they might enjoy playing with washcloths and sponges and seeing you trickle water with them.

This baby bath sponge won bronze in the Mother&Baby awards 2021, in the Best Bathtime Product category.

Ramer's Ultra Soft Baby Sponge, now in brand-new packaging, features a super-fine texture, designed to be kind to baby's delicate skin. Made from a magic material, parents love how these sponges harden as they dry, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Reviewed for the Mother&Baby awards,Tanya Addy says: “As far as sponges go, the Ramer Ultra Baby Sponge is a good one. It dries hard, so doesn't leave a mess on surfaces, it's hygienic and the perfect size - both for me and for little hands.”

Also available in pink. 

Read our full review of the Ramer Ultra Soft Baby Sponge here.

All natural and eco-friendly, this wool sponge retains more water than the average washcloth making sponge baths an absolute breeze. Unbelievably soft and ultra-absorbent, it’s everything you’re looking for in the best baby bath sponge.

Emma says this is the best sponge she’s ever bought: “Perfect for my little one, it doesn’t ever smell, and it’s super soft. I would 100% recommend rather than a normal sponge from boots or the supermarket, which end up breaking up or becoming mouldy. Well worth the money!”

The purest softest 100% Konjac Sponge for baby and child. PH balanced, means it is ideal on delicate baby skin and with no nasty chemicals or toxins for delicate porous baby skin, it gently cleans without damage.

This verified purchase reviewer said: “This is probably the best and most natural sponge I can find in the market! Great product!”

The Kokoso Newborn Essentials Kit is a beautifully presented gift set containing everything you need to gently cleanse and care for brand new baby skin - including a brilliant natural baby bath sponge!

Includes: Kokoso Baby Organic Coconut Oil 70g, Kokoso Baby Hair and Body Wash - fragrance-free 200ml, natural konjac baby bath sponge and mesh drying bag.

Amazingly budget friendly at under £3 for two great sponges, this twin pack features two ramer sponges which are ultra-soft and extra gentle for your baby's delicate skin. They're made from a magical material which makes them super soft, much softer than any normal sponges.

This mum recommended this sponge to all her friends: “These ramer sponges are so super soft and gentle on my baby’s skin, I’ve recommended them to all my mummy friends!”

Every sea sponge is completely natural, grown in the Caribbean Sea, unique in shape and with its soft touch, are ideal for your baby’s sensitive skin. Use for bathing your baby everyday, as well as top and tail, leaving your baby clean and happy!

Great for babies and the environment: “Bought this small sponge as it is sustainably sourced, doesn't come with plastic packaging so great as an eco-alternative. The sponge itself is beautifully soft and the perfect size for those special little people in your life. It has been used several times and not a single piece has broken off.”

This generously sized sponge is not designed specifically for babies but works wonders just as well! Super absorbent and a great size for sponge baths, this sponge will give your little one an efficient clean in no time!

This reviewer says it works perfect every time: “Love this sponge, it is so soft, holds the shower gel or foam well and glides across the skin. I use these sponges time and again!”


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