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Clever gadgets: WiseNet baby monitor with camera

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A good baby monitor is essential for any parents who want to keep an eye on their little one while they get on with whatever they need to do around the house. Baby monitors have come such a long way in recent years and thanks to technology. Long gone are the days of squinting to see your baby on a small and fuzzy screen at night.

The team at WiseNet have it sussed when it comes to the latest baby monitors with their SEW-3048W model. Designed to make every parents life as easier when juggling a little one and the demands of day-to-day life, it’s a must have for busy Mums and Dads.

The WiseNet SEW-3048W includes a variety of clever and practical features allowing you to keep an eye on your baby easier. The two-way talkback function is perfect for those moments when your baby needs to hear a comforting voice, allowing you to soothe your child from anywhere in your home, and with the astonishing range of up to 900ft, you can be confident you will stay connected.

You can view your baby in darkness from up to 16ft away; thanks to the high-quality night vision that turns on automatically the instant it detects low light, making a seamless transition from day to night while remaining non-invasive by utilising non-visible Infra-Red LEDs.



It also has seven integrated sounds and lullabies to help your child gently drift off to sleep and for your convenience, can be controlled remotely and switched off for when you find yourself drifting off! The WiseNet SEW-3048W also understands how important it is that your baby is sleeping at a comfortable temperature so has the added benefit of live temperature feedback with customisable alerts between 0˚c and 40˚c; allowing you to create the perfect sleeping environment for your little one.

And thanks to the innovative and unique design of the wraparound grip you can easily achieve the ideal viewing angle to watch over and monitor your baby whatever position they decide to get themselves in that night. Depending on your cot and nursery demands, the camera can be in freestanding mode, or you can utilise the grip.

Available from:, rrp £129.99