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Getting your baby to sleep through the night, especially in the early days, is a task that's nearly unfathomable to new parents -  and those permanent dark circles can attest to that. That's why discovering products that make bedtime even one per cent easier is crucial. 

Sleeping bags (no, not the camping kind) are a great alternative to traditional blankets or duvets and are also a much safer solution once your baby starts wriggling about. Rather than worrying about your bubba kicking off the blanket in the middle of the night, or worse, the blanket covering your baby's head, a sleeping bag will keep them safe, warm and snuggly all at the same time. 

Sleeping bags with legs give your child that extra bit of freedom, and can also help with keeping their body at a good temperature. We've listed the top sleeping bags with legs on the market for your baby, in terms of safety, quality and reviews.

Before you start shopping, we've covered a few basics you need to know before purchasing your first sleeping bag. Make sure to check out our full sleeping bag guide here.

What are the benefits of a sleeping bag?

When fitted correctly, a sleeping bag will mean your baby breathes easy all night. There’s also the added benefit of keeping your little one at the correct temperature through the night, which could mean fewer instances of waking (hopefully)!

What tog should I buy?

The tog rating on a sleeping bag determines how heavy the fabric is, just like grown-up sleeping bags. But unlike grown-up sleeping bags, your baby is unable to adjust themselves to a comfortable temperature, so choosing the right tog is important. 

As a general rule, the warmer the room, the lower the tog should be and the colder the room, the higher the tog.

For under 14 degrees Celsius, pick a tog of 3.5, and for sleeping in a room above 25 degrees Celsius, a maximum tog of 0.5 will be enough.

A 2.5 tog is perfect for 17 – 21 degrees, and between 22 – 25 degrees, pick a lightweight 1.5 tog count.

A 0.5 tog baby sleeping bag is ideal for the summer months when your baby's room temperature varies from around 21-27 degrees Celsius. You can also buy a 0.2 tog if your baby's room ever gets over 27 degrees Celsius on those very hot and sticky nights, or if you're abroad somewhere warm. 

What should my baby wear under their sleeping bag? 

In general, your baby should be fine with a short-sleeved vest with short legs underneath, depending on the temperature of the room. If the room is lower in temperature, a long-sleeved vest may be more appropriate.

Baby sleeping bag safety tips

• Don't use a sleeping bag with a duvet or blanket as this could lead to overheating. 

• Make sure the neck opening is not too tight or too loose.

• Make sure the sleeping bag fits well to prevent baby from slipping out.

• Avoid sleeping bags with hoods as these could cover your baby's head during the night.

• Avoid sleeping bags with drawstrings or other strangulation hazards.

• Make sure there are no uncomfortable tags or zips on the inside that could potentially disrupt your little one's sleep. 


Best baby sleeping bags with feet

You can't go wrong with this Tommee Tippee sleeping bag. Adhering to British and European safety standards, this baby sleeping bag is comfy, safe and fits perfectly to allow for a natural frog-legged sleeping position. It's made of 100 per cent cotton and is available in two sizes.

Tog rating: 1.0 and 2.5

Review: "This works great for my wriggly bunny who doesn't like closed sleep sacks. She likes to roll around and move a lot in her sleep, so having her feet out like this is great. It's fairly thick and keeps her warm at night as she throws the covers off all the time. I'm a very happy customer."

Your little one will be snug as a bug in this cute cloud design sleeping bag. It comes with a three-way zipper to allow for easy nappy changes, and the sleeves are removable should the weather get a little warmer. The size is perfect for babies between 75 to 95cm.

Tog rating: 2.0

Review: "Perfect for my little boy. It’s always warm when he goes to bed but through the night the temp drops to about 14-15 degrees and he wakes up cold. This keeps his body temp lovely and warm. He sleeps a lot more contently and wakes up much happier too. Also with the separated legs and open feet, it means he can stay in it on cooler mornings and run around until it warms up. I haven’t used it without the arms yet but I’m sure we will once the warmer months come in. I love them. I bought two and alternate them when one needs washing so he has one on every night."

Another adorable option by Lictin, this sleeping bag with legs is ideal for babies between the ages of one and three years-old. The four-layered cotton fabric is smooth, breathable and a non-risk for allergy. The sock covers on the legs are perfect for those chillier nights, and we love the double end zippers which make nappy changing a breeze. 

Tog rating: 2.0

Review: "Fab sleep suit for my 23 month old! She wouldn’t sleep in a regular sleep suit but with this one, she didn’t want to take it off! Highly recommended. A little on the bigger side but works well. My daughter looks like a little telly tubby with it on but very soft against her skin and comfortable overnight"

If you're after a diverse range of colour options, this is the sleeping bag for you. Crafted from a breathable cotton and polyester mix, you can be sure that your little one will feel comfy as they drift off to sleep. It washes well, dries quickly, and the three zip pull makes midnight nappy changes less of a hassle. 

Tog rating: 1.5

Review: "This is a lovely sleeping bag ideal for little wigglers that get stressed in a normal sleeping bag or keep moving out from under their blankets. Really like that its got a 2 way zip so if you need do a nappy change in the night you can without having to unzip the whole thing which is so much easier. Definitely keeps them warm I got the 1.5 tog and my little one stayed lovely and warm all night, plus the size is generous, plenty of growing room for my 7 month old. Will definitely be purchasing another one."

We absolutely fell for the adorable bear design on this next option, which is also made from 100 per cent cotton and contains excess fabric at the legs for extra growing space! With a tog rating of 3.5, this is a fab option for winter time. 

Tog rating: 3.5

Review: "Awesome outfit for our little son. He loves going to bed in this product over the winter months. Keeps him cosy and warm. High standard of quality and everlasting. Been through washes and every day use and still as good as new. Will continue to buy this product as he grows. Many thanks again."

Another Tommee Tippee sleeping bag, this time with a cute panda design. The fit is snug up top and wriggly at the bottom to allow freedom of movement, and the Steppee allows your bubba to crawl or walk freely as soon as bedtime is over.

Tog rating: 1.0 and 2.5

Review: "Very soft and feels well made. I use it now that my son has started to pull himself up to stand, and I don't want him to accidentally trip in a sleepbag. Since I've started using this, he has been sleeping 11 hours straight - I honestly believe this is so comfortable for him. The socks at the bottom have grips at the feet so he won't slip if he stands on the floor. The zip is well hidden to prevent babies from trying to unzip themselves. Also, it washes really well and dries in tumble dryer and the colour has stayed the same. Really excellent product."

If you haven't yet realised, we're a fan of Tommee Tippee and especially this sweet night owl design. According to the brand, 85 percent of babies sleep better in its sleep bags, and you can't argue with stats! Safety tested to British standards and with a snug fit, you can't go wrong with this option. 

Tog rating: 1.0 and 2.5

Review: "My 12 month old recently refused to wear sleep bags and would take hers off! She gets twisted in it as she moves a lot in her sleep. We tried her in this Steppee and she’s so happy. More so, she can move around a lot during her sleep and not get twisted. It kept her nice and warm. I love how baby can either have bare foot or covered."

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