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The best baby bean bags 2021

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 best baby bean bags

For babies that can't get comfy in traditional bouncers and rockers, a baby bean bag could be the perfect solution. Comfy and supportive, they provide the perfect place to lay your little one down safely and securely.

An infant bean bag is often filled with dried beans or polystyrene balls. They mould to your baby's shape and size, making them feel comforted and snug. Some newborn bean bags also come with an adjustable harness - perfect for when they start to wriggle about! 

Are baby bean bags safe?

As long as you purchase a bean bag that is specifically designed for babies they are perfectly safe to use. Baby bean bags are firmer than normal bean bags, with a flatter surface area, so there is little risk of your child rolling over and struggling to breathe.

The adjustable straps or harness also helps to keep your baby in place, but don't lift or move the bean bag with the baby inside.

It is important that you do not leave your baby unattended in the bean bag - it is a handy and comfortable place to pop them while you're busy in the same room, or for them to take a nap while you get some chores done. Baby bean bags are suitable for short, supervised naps during the day and are not designed for sleeping in for long periods. 

The benefits of baby bean bags

  1. Support and comfort: Anyone who has sat in a bean bag knows how comfy they are, and how they mould to fit the body. They're soft as well as supportive, providing that perfect middle ground. They also help keep your baby upright and can prevent flat head and acid reflux.
  2. Portable: Let's face it, a lot of baby bouncers can be a pain to carry and move around the home. Bean bags are light, easy to transport, and you don't have to worry about damaging your walls when you're trying to manoeuvre them up the stairs. 
  3. Easy to clean: Lots of baby bean bags have wipe-clean surfaces or removable outer layers that can go straight in the wash when your baby creates a mess. 
  4. Multi-functional and stylish: Another downside of bouncers is that when your baby grows out of them, that's it - another bulky item to go up in the loft or to try sell on eBay so you can clear the clutter and actually move in your own house again. But bean bags have a much longer shelf life than a lot of newborn nursery products. Often the straps are removable, so your child can continue to use their bean bag as they grow, as a comfy reading chair in their room, or perhaps a snuggly spot to store some of their favourite teddies. They're a useful spot for adults to perch too, and could even be used as a footrest! Available in a range of patterns, you're sure to find one that suits your home and your child's nursery decor. 

Best baby bean bags

Editor's choice

Also available in pink and grey, this adorable cloud and stars patterned baby bean bag from Bambeano is perfect for newborns. 

Designed with a concealed zip, Bambeano covers are 100 per cent cotton and can be easily removed and washed, so you can keep your little ones beanbag clean and fresh. Super-soft, breathable, non-allergenic and recyclable, the natural cover allows healthy air flow to keep your baby cool in summer and warm in the winter. 

Bambeano is the only product of its kind to be awarded the prestigious Mother and Baby Award as voted by Mums, as the 2015 Silver winner for Best Nursery Product. 

Review: "I looked at these bean bags for ages and it took me a long time to decide to buy one and I'm SO glad I did. 
My baby boy loves it and I feel like his back is nice and straight when he's napping in it (rather then a bouncer) I love it and it looks so cute, everyone who has been over has made a comment on how cool it is, even the health visitor was impressed. Defo worth the money 100 per cent."

Designed for babies 0-6 months.

Best baby bean bag for easy cleaning

The Gaga bean bags can be used from birth to give your new baby a comfy, cosy place to rest. The Gaga has an adjustable harness to ensure that your baby is sat upright in a secure and comfortable position at all times. The beans mould to your baby's shape, gently supporting and preventing flat head syndrome. The gentle incline of the Gaga helps with colic and acid reflux.

Both the seating area and the back of the harness feature cuddle soft fabric which will ensure your baby’s comfort. They are also covered in a tough, durable fabric which is triple stitched with bonded nylon so any little accidents or messy little ones won't cause any long-lasting damage. Ir's comfy, strong, colourful and can be machine washed at 30°.

Designed and available in 7 different colours, it comes filled and ready to use. 

Mum review: "My baby loves this bean bag very good quality and seems very comfy."

Designed for babies 0-6 months.

Best personalisable baby bean bag

A beautiful and unique gift for any new baby, this gift pack comprises a lovely soft bean bag with two washable covers, one with 3 point safety harness for babies up to 1 year old, and the other for when baby becomes a toddler. These covers can be personalised to match a selection of accessories including a rounded bib, comforter, hat, bandana, and cute booties.

The seat material is luxiouriously soft with velvet while the base material is a PVC coated polyester that's waterproof, strong, durable, and wipe clean.

Review: "Lovely gift for new baby, arrived quickly considering it was personalised. Parents were very grateful as she wouldn’t sleep in the day but as soon as she lay on this was fast asleep. So soft and good quality"

Designed for babies to toddlers.

Best design options for baby bean bags

Featuring two interchangeable upper layers, one with a harness and one without, As Snug as a Hug bean bags adapt to grow with your child. This range of adaptable bean bags offer fully waterproof top covers, making them extremely easy to keep clean with messy babies.

There are loads of designs available; for boys, girls, unisex and more modern abstract designs that will appeal to parents too. They also sell a range of replaceable covers which can be purchased separately.

Suitable from 0 - 10 years

Best transitional baby bean bag

With a bold pattern of jungle leaves, trees and safari animals, this colourful Safari Gaga+ will look great in any home or safari themed bedroom or nursery.

Filled with thousands of beans, this beanbag will mould to the shape of your newborn and the harness will keep them securely in place. Once your little one reaches toddler age, you can detach the harness, giving this bean bag great longevity as bean bag they can use for years.

The Safari Gaga is covered in snuggly white cuddle soft fabric, with a water resistant layer, protecting the beanbag from any little accidents. The cover of this bean bag is machine washable for easy cleaning andyou can even personalise your bean bag for an extra £5 if you wish.

Don't worry if your little one doesn't enjoy life on the wild side, there are plenty of other designs available too!

Designed for babies 0-6 months with harness. Designed for kids of junior age without.


Best for babies with sensitive skin

Let your little bundle of joy lie comfortably with this cute baby bean bag lounger. Suitable for newborns up to six-months-old, this bean bag includes an adjustable padded harness to keep your baby safe and secure. The cover can be easily removed, slid off the bean bag liner and popped in the washing machine – perfect for any baby-related spillages. The seating area is also made of a soft, breathable cotton, perfect for newborns or babies with sensitive skin.

Review: "The bean bag was a present for our new great grandchild due in October. The delivery was so quick and our granddaughter is so pleased with it, as she nor us had seen one before."

Available in colours blue or natural.

Best baby bean bag for warmth

These bean bags fully support your baby’s body, ensuring they are comfortable and content whilst resting. The bean bags are prefilled with fire retardant foam beans and include an adjustable harness to keep your little one safe. You can personalise yours for free with your little one's name as a lovely added touch and while we love this grey stripe, there are other designs including pink stars, gingham, and a super cute Peter Rabbit design too!

The soft fleece adds extra warmth and comfort. The covers are removable, though hand washing is recommended. 

Mum review: "Super cosy and comfy! Can’t wait to have my little one in this! Great quality of material, will definitely be buying from here again!"

Best baby bean bag for moving around

These bean bags come in a range of colourful designs including butterflies, unicorns, hearts, and elephants, all of which are lightweight and easy to move around with a handy carry handle. Perfectly angled to help soothe colic and acid reflux, it has an adjustable buckle harness to make it easy to get baby in and out, and keep them safe and secure.

It also feature a water resistant lining and wipe-able bottom, great for any accidents, and is machine washable at 30°.

These bean bags come with two covers; Stage 1 from birth to approx. 9-months-old with a harness; Stage 2 from approx. 9-months-old to 5 years old without a harness.

Mum review: "Amazing product my daughter has loved it from just a few weeks old and still loves it now at 4 months. Love the fact you can unzip the top part and wash it. Worth the money, I use it everyday."

Best for multi-use

This is more of a stylish cushion rather than a bean bag, but it serves a similar purpose and would look great for baby photoshoots. If you do go for this option be aware that it doesn't include a harness so should only be used when the baby is under supervision. Available in yellow and grey, it's a great multi-use option, perfect for play, picnics, crawling, tummy time and lounging.

Review: "Baby loved this cushion. Personally I would have preferred it to be a bit firmer as I thought it was quite soft. But that’s just my preference. I bought it for my grandson who is 6 months. My daughter loved it and she said baby was cosy in it. She said her cats tried to also sleep in it. It was well made with a nice finish."


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