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The best baby bibs UK 2021

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best baby bibs

Having a good stash of bibs for your baby is essential from day dot. When your baby is a newborn, you'll go through plenty with spit-up from milk feeds, then there will be dribble from teething and finally solid food as they begin weaning.

They'll be a parenting must-have well into toddlerhood, so it's a good idea to invest in some good quality ones that will last you.

You can get all sorts of different bibs suited to your baby's needs, from silicone pockets to soft fabrics and adjustable neckties. To make your life easier, we've rounded up some of our top picks for your baby. Included below are real buyer reviews along with Mother&Baby Award winners, all with the aim of helping you find the best bib for your little one. 

The best baby bibs UK 2021

Best baby bib for dribble

Suitable for: 3 months+ 

These cute bibs are one of the highest rated on Amazon and the reviews are positively glowing. The attached teething chew means you'll never lose a teething toy again, and you can wipe up any dribble with the super absorbent cloth bib.

Review: "Love, love, love. Really nice mix of designs and colours, wash well, the teething toys go in the steriliser. So pleased I’m ordering more immediately for myself, my sister and my friend. Genius bibs!"

Best lightweight baby bib

Suitable for: 6+ months

Another great long sleeved option, these bibs from Baby Mori have cute woodland designs and are made from 100 per cent PU with polyester backing. They're machine washable and have comfortable elasticated cuffs to protect your little one's clothes from stains.

Review: "Great looking product! Easy to pop on baby and cleans up lovely!"

Best baby bib for teething tots

Suitable for: 2+ months

This Cheeky Chompers teething bib is great for babies who might not have the range of motion to hold a teething toy, as it has an integrated plastic teether as part of the bib. The adjustable poppers mean the bib will grow with your baby and they're reversable too.

Sophie Knight, mum to Eli, said: "I love this bib and found it really useful when Eli was teething. Not only was it great for mopping up dribble and milk, but he liked chewing on the silicone corner. I love any product that does two things at once!" 

Best baby bibs for softness

Suitable for: 3 months+

aden + anais have a huge range of gorgeous baby bits, including these baby bibs. They're made from three layers of 100% organic cotton which stays soft wash after wash. The adjustable popper neck tie grows with your baby and there's a selection of gorgeous patterns and colours available.

Review: "Aden and Anais muslin bibs are the best bibs in my opinion - especially these ones which are a good length and have 3 poppers on the neck strap so you can adjust the fit.They wash well and you can just put them straight in the tumble dryer. Also I find that stains from food come out very easily from these bibs."

Best baby bib for catching food

Suitable for: 4 months+

These easy-to-clean silicone bibs are great for weaning babies and have a special non-chafing neck band to keep your baby comfortable at meal times. The deep pocket catches any mess and they come in a range of gorgeous colours.

Review: "These bibs from this particular brand are by far my favourites!
1) They are harder than the others (similar) but I find this way that the food caught in there remains safely there.
2) Baby can't open it - but you need to be careful to not tie it too tight around baby's neck.
3) Because you tie it using pearls, you have several options to choose from when it comes to how tight/loose you want it around your little one's neck.
4) Super easy to clean and also dishwasher safe.
5) It also doubles as a good toy for my daughter - she loves playing with the pearls!"

Best waterproof baby bib

Suitable for: 6 months+

Silicone bibs are a great choice if you're weaning because the stiff lip at the bottom will catch any dribbles or chunks of food. These ones are safe for teething babies to chomp on too. 

Review: "Very nice design beautiful bright colors and quality. My baby loves it it's soft and she likes to suck on it. Also arrived in a very presentable packaging great for gifts. Easy to clean would highly recommend it."

Best long sleeved baby bib

Suitable for: 6 months+

Long sleeved baby bibs are a godsend for busy mums - covering your baby from neck to wrist while they're experimenting with food will save you time wiping and changing outifts. These ones are some of the top-rated long sleeved bibs on Amazon, and they come in a range of sweet colours and patterns.

Review: "Most bibs of this kind seem to cover a 6-36 month range which makes them unusable: it is useless trying to put them on a 7-month old baby as the food ends up all over their clothes through the gaps. Thankfully, Little Dimsum are a bit more sensible as they cover 6-24 months, making them much more suitable for us. They don’t let any food go on baby’s clothes. We wash them with a bit of washing up liquid after every use and they dry pretty quickly. And they pack very small so we are very happy with them."

Best baby bib for travel

Suitable for: 4 months+

These weaning bibs from NatureBond are great for eating on the go, as they come with a special waterproof pouch, designed for outdoor use. BPA free and PVC free, they have four tightening buttons which secures the bib and make it harder for toddlers to pull it apart.

Review: "Really really happy with this purchase. We had two bibados and found we could only get one use out of them before they became smelly and needed a wash. These bibs are amazing, catch most of the food that doesn’t make it into baby’s mouth and are super easy to clean, easy to put on and seem very comfortable. Yay!"

Best baby bib to prevent dribble rash

Suitable for: birth+

With a waterproof and breathable fabric backing, this bib has a highly absorbent bamboo core which is naturally antibacterial. You won't need to worry about dribble rash either as the lie flat shape creates a gap between your tot's chest and chin to prevent chin irritation, encouraging air flow and natural drying.

Review: "So pleased these were recommended to me by a friend. My 5 month old doesn't stop dribbling and the lightweight material and design of these bibs makes them comfortable and not cumbersome for him to wear. Even better, they keep him completely dry underneath. I love the fun fabrics and the quality of the make is really high. I will certainly be buying more as he has one on constantly now. I would highly recommend!"

This product won Bronze for Best Teething Product in the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards. Read our full review of the Bibbilyboo Waterproof Bib.

Best baby bib for all over coverage

Suitable for: 6 months+ 

Keep mess to a minimun, with this bib which covers your child, their lap and highchair tray for maximum protection. Pwhoar! Easy to put on and take off, it has an adjustable hook and loop neck fastener for a great fit round the neck. It also folds or rolls up very small to fit into a changing bag, perfect for when you're out and about.

Our tester James said: "The product is well made, very easy to use, and does exactly what it says it does, perfectly well. Our toddler is very good at feeding herself, but occasionally gets distracted while holding the spoon between bowl and mouth, and it spills everywhere. Having a large bib that goes from her neck all around her and to the table on the high chair makes cleanup really easy."

This product won Silver for Best Weaning Product in the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards. Read our full review of the Bibetta Wipeezee.

What fabric is best for baby bibs?

This entirely depends on what exactly you're going to be using your baby bib for. When you have a newborn, a bib is primarily for preventing your youngster's clothes from getting wet with milk and dribble, so you'll want bibs that are made of absorbent materials that can soak up liquids. You'll find many of these have a backing to help keep the baby dry.

For those babies that are weaning, wipe clean bibs which are usually made from silicone and synthetic materials are the most obvious choice. If you're baby-led weaning, we recommend a bib with a pocket or pouch as these will help catch dropped food and make your job a little easier when it's time to clean up.

When should my baby start wearing a bib?

Many parents use a bib right from birth, especially as there's a chance your baby may be sick after milk or are particularly dribbly. If not, it's usually when starting weaning that parents choose to introduce a bib. 

How many baby bibs do I need?

This one is completely dependent on your baby. If they are using a bib from the early weeks and are quite dribbly, expect to get through them quite quickly, sometimes between 5-10 a day. So if you're planning on washing these every day, you'll need to double that amount so you're not waiting on the first load to dry.

If you just have weaning bibs, we'd recommend having two bibs, one to keep at home and one to pop in your changing bag. This is where wipe-clean bibs come in handy as there's no need to wait to put a wash on.

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