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The best baby comforters to soothe your little one

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It's normal for babies to form an attachment to something that is soft and comforting, for example, a blanket, soft toy or even a piece of your clothing! These all help them settle, feel secure and can even lead them to fall asleep too.

At around nine months old, babies often become very clingy to their mums as they realise they are not part of their mothers and are individuals. A comforter can help with this transition. A baby comforter can also be a good alternative to a dummy if this is something you are wanting to avoid. 

While most little ones tend to choose their own comforter naturally, there's nothing wrong with buying a toy or blanket with the intention of it being your baby's comforter. The good news is that providing it's soft and cosy, they're likely to love it! 

When choosing a baby comforter, remember that you should never leave your baby unattended with anything that has a ribbon or cord attached to it, or any toy with parts that may come off.

We've rounded up some of the softest, sweetest baby comforters on the market. Our number one tip - we recommend buying a couple just in case one gets lost or a back up one while it's in the wash... 

The best baby comforters

A comforter can be your baby’s most-loved companion and there’s certainly a good chance of that happening with the Ewan baa baa blankie. Made from snuggly plush with silk edging and featuring Ewan’s friendly face, don’t be surprised if you can’t prise him away… 

One review said: "My daughter is in love with her Ewan Lullaby sheep but it’s a bit big to take everywhere so we got her this bla joe and she loves it. Same familiar lovable face but soft and cuddly enough for her to hold and take with her everywhere."

This sweet comforter from Tommee Tippee has soft graspable corners for little hands and mouths and also includes a teether on one corner to soothe your little ones gums. Made from plush soft velour, there are other cute animal characters to choose from and the comforter can be used as a puppet to amuse and engage your baby.

One parent said: "These Tommee Tippee comforters are just fantastic! This is the second one of the line we bought. Lily Lamb for creche and Ernie Elephant for bed time at home. She wouldn't sleep without them. We have also attached a soother to one of the ends, so she can easily find it while asleep."



We all know and love the Beatrix Potter books and this gorgeous Peter Rabbit comforter is made from premium soft fabric to ensure he is as gentle against babies skin as possible, with cute embroidered facial features. This comforter is machine washable so he can be taken everywhere with your little one.

Mum Lorna said: "Absolutely lovely! It is my son's favourite. Washes nicely in the washing machine. Great quality and value for money."

Made from soft cotton terry towelling, this uniquely shaped comforter which is used within the NHS helps young children transition from being away from mum, making them feel safe and secure. 

One happy reviewer wrote: "We now have 3 of these in rotation/backups. My little one is 11 months and will really only sleep with this at night, we never wanted to use dummies and a friend suggested this as a good option. He settles much quicker with this and amazingly it seems to be standing up well to chewing with his new razor sharp teeth."

There's plenty to keep your baby entertained on this baby comforter which is edged with assorted cute design tags. Ultra soft, your baby will be drawn to the brightly colored and vibrant design of soft plush animals.

Dad Tom said: "Great for honing baby’s pincer grip. Washes well (after being vomited and drooled on) and a favourite from the word go. My baby seeks out a label on any toy and this was no exception, he found the safety/washing instructions on this straight away but then he played with the others. He loves the rattle in the head and it’s so soft. A great product."

This rusty-red ranger is made to cuddle! Vibrant and plush with a big creamy tummy, Roy's arms are wide open for hugs.

One parent wrote: "My son was bought this as a gift at a few days old, it is his favourite comforter and now at a year old he hugs it to sleep every night. I don't let it out of the house for fear of losing it and have come on here to buy a second just in case!"

One for scandi lovers out there, this comforter is made from smooth cotton muslin that will keep its softness even after washing.The Blinkie is foldable and will fit easily in a handbag or changing bag, so you can always have it with you when you and your baby are on the go.

Parent Hamila wrote: "Great quality and design, our baby boy loves putting it in his mouth and soothing himself to sleep every night."

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