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The best baby spoons, bowls and plates to make mealtimes fun

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Best baby spoons bowls and plates

When it’s time to start weaning your baby, you will need the best bowls available on the market designed to support your baby's development. These products will make your life much easier too - weaning can be a stressful time, so the right equipment can make everything more relaxed. 

You'll want bowls and plates that are designed not to break when your baby throws them on to the floor (which WILL happen). It’s also a good idea to choose non-slip bowls and plates; this not only will help prevent them ending up on the floor, but also helps your baby once they start feeding themselves. 

Always choose products in the correct recommended age range and size, making sure there's enough room for the right amount of food your little one needs. Also, check for washing, warming, and freezing directions. Below we have selected the best baby spoons, bowls and plates - we've also included special Amazon Prime Day deals too:

Tommee Tippee Weaning Kit

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Best baby spoons

This set of six baby spoons is made with natural bamboo fibre and anti-bacterial silicone. You can also get matching plates and bowls. Important: this product is hand wash only, and because it’s a bamboo product, you will need to wipe with coconut oil once a month to make it last longer.

Tommee Tippee has been a popular choice for parents for generations. These spoons have long handles for a secure grip, and they're BPA free, dishwasher, microwave and steriliser safe. 

Munchkin made this set focusing on baby mouths and sensitive gums, so they feel very gentle. These infant spoons come in bright, vibrant colours and are ergonomically designed for ease of feeding.

Best baby bowls

This is a natural bamboo bowl made with food-grade silicone to protect your child from BPA, phthalates, and other toxins. It has a powerful suction base to grip and to prevent any accidents. This has won Mother and Baby Bronze Award 2019 and Mother and Baby Silver Award 2018 for Best Weaning Product.


These redesigned bowls come with a larger and stronger suction base which create a firm hold. They're also dishwasher safe and BPA free. They are a good staple addition to your baby's feeding routine.


A 10-piece set that includes four bowls with lids and two soft tip spoons which will make your life easier on the go. They're 100% spill-proof and 100% leak-proof. You can also put them in the microwave and the dishwasher. Definitely a must-have! 


Best baby plates

This plate is a unique design in bright colours to make mealtime more fun for your little one. It's made with 100% food grade silicone with BPA, PVC, BPS and Phthalate Free. It has strong suction, and is dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe.


The EasyMat Mini Portable Baby Suction Plate was designed to fit any highchair trays coming with four corner suction cups, which hold the plate steady.


A divided plate to help with portion control. This plate can be transformed as your little one grows and develops. OXO Tot offers a guarantee which can be handy if anything happens to your new purchase. We gave this plate a Mother&Baby Gold Award in 2014



The Babymoov Babybols Multiset is all you need for on-the-go feeding and storing your baby's food. These bowls are perfect for transporting, allowing your little one to eat nutritious home-made meals wherever you go.


BoBo and Boo Bamboo 5 Piece Dinner Set is perfectly sized for little fingers and all ages. This set comes complete with bowl, plate, cup, spoon, and fork. You don't need to worry about toxins as it's 100% non-toxic. You can also put them into the dishwasher.



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