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The best bath toys to make bathtime fun

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Bathtime with your baby isn’t just about getting them squeaky clean – it’s time for fun and splashing around. Indeed, the more fun that’s involved, the less daunting it can be – for you both.

Bathing your baby for the first few times is one of the scariest things a new parent does – but you soon get the hang of it, and that slippery baby soon starts to enjoy bathtime.

It’s also great to get bathtime fixed as a regular part of the bedtime routine – we talk a lot about bath/book/bed.

Choosing a few fun bath toys will engage your little one into the joys of water play, which can be extended during the day with play using a washing up bowl, moving on to swimming pools when you’re both ready.

There are so many bath toys available, it’s hard to know which to choose – so we’ve shortlisted our favourite bath toys, and some of the newest on the market, that are bright and colourful to engage your child in bathtime.

What's bathtime without a boat to play with? This one is great for filling and pouring water, and features two squirters as well. Great in the bath or the paddling pool. 

It was Shortlisted in the 2014 M&B Awards in the Best Bathtime Product category

This set of bath toys includes 17 toys, including stacking cups, a fishing rod and fish to catch, four squirty characters, and a water wand with movable parts inside. There's lots of scope for imaginative play, and, of course, the chance to squirt Mummy and Daddy too. 

Tested by Sophie Knight, mum to Eli; she said: "Eli loves this set of toys and is really engaged with them all in the bath. The colours are lovely and they're all easy to clean, which is important. Learning how to fill up the squirty toys is great for his dexterity too."

Read our full review here

Your little one will have fun pretending to make cups of tea with this adorable bath tea set. The imaginative play will keep them occupied for ages. There's drainage at the bottom and it's easy to clean (which is no mean feat when it comes to bath toys). It is a shame it doesn't come in other colours, however. 

This bath toy set won Gold in the 2015 M&B Awards in the Best Bathtime Product category.

A floating purple octopus with little toy rings, in the shape of fish, a rubber ring, and a starfish, for your little one to throw and try to hook over the tentacles. Great for dexterity and game playing, plus it's fun to swoosh around in the water. We'll overlook the fact that it doesn't have eight tentacles, though. 

This was Shortlisted in the 2018 M&B Awards in the Best Bathtime Product category. 

Tested by mum Stephenie Beaumont for the Mother&Baby Awards 2018; she said: "I think the character and shape of the product was great – my children loved the face of the octopus and trying to put the rings on his tentacles. It was a great size - big enough to handle, but not too huge to store away. It was easy to clean too."

Read our full review of the Nuby Octopus here

OK this one technically isn't a toy, it's a toy scoop, to tidy up when bathtime has finished and keep all the toys organised. But, you can make it into a game, getting your little one to try to catch all the toys. 

It won Silver in the 2017 M&B Awards in the Best Bathtime Product category. 

Tested by mum Hanna Marshall for the M&B Awards 2017; she said: "This makes light work of tidying up after bath time and contains the toys nicely when not in use. My sons have also loved using the scoop to play with during bath time! Little do they know they help me to tidy up!"

Read our full review of the Munchkin Bath Toy Scoop here

Skip Hop's characters are a favourite at M&B HQ and this submarine is just too much fun; we like to leave it around to play with when it's Mum's turn for a bath. Simply pull the string and watch the submarine scoot through the water. 

Stacking cups are great baby bath toys. They're ideal for scooping and pouring water, stacking up at the side of the bath, counting, and tidying away in a neat tower. They're great for playing with outside the bath, too - they're not just for water. 

Because everyone needs a rubber duck in the bath. 

With 13 toys in the set, this will keep your little one entertained in the bath, learning about how water pours and falls between the tubes and all over the bathroom floor, no doubt. Use them separately or link them up to make a long waterfall tube, using the water to turn the cogs for more fun. They suction easily to the bathroom tiles. 

Other ways to make bathtime fun:

You don’t just have to use toys in the bath – there are lots of ways you and your baby can both have fun at bathtime, including:

  • Join your baby in the bath
  • Sing lots of songs
  • Make sponge sail boats
  • Use a sieve to make it rain
  • Hunt for treasure under the bubbles
  • Finger paints

Click here for more ideas on how to make bathtime fun.

Making bathtime safe

If your baby is very young, and can’t yet sit up, one way to make bath time even safer is to use a bath seat. They help support your baby and make it easier for you, leaving your hands free to do the soaping and scrubbing.

Read our essential guide to bath seats here.

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