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The best bedside cribs and cots for co-sleeping with your baby

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Bedside cribs are a great way to enjoy closeness, safety, and convenience during those first few fragile months with your newborn, but which is the best bedside crib for you? We did the research and found a few of the best for you to choose from - many of which are M&B Award winners.

A bedside crib is a bassinet-style cot that affixes to your bed, with one side that can be removed or dropped down and out of the way so that you can easily lift your baby out towards you for night feeding, or if you need to soothe them back to sleep. 

Do I need a bedside cot for my baby?

If you already have a bigger crib, you might be wondering whether you need a co-sleeper. It’s fine to put your baby to sleep in a cot from the very first day, as long as you always position their feet at the foot of the cot. However, a smaller sleeping place is cosier and your baby is more likely to settle well in this more secure environment, right next to you. A bedside crib takes up far less floor space in your bedroom than a larger cot. 

The main advantage of a bedside crib over a Moses basket or standard crib is the lack of a barrier between you and your baby provided by the convenient removable side.

If you’d like to be able to see and reach your baby during the night, and for your baby to be able to see you, then a bedside crib is a good choice. If you like the idea of co-sleeping, but are concerned about the risks of doing so, the best option by far is a co-sleeper crib.

They make night-time feeds and soothing your baby back to sleep much less of a faff as you get to stay in bed. If you have restricted movement – perhaps after a C-section – a co-sleeper will prove invaluable.

What are the benefits of using a bedside crib?

Official safe sleeping guidance from both The Lullaby Trust and the NHS advises that your newborn sleeps in the same room as you for the first six months, but not in your bed, due to the risk of suffocation and overheating. The chance of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is also lowered when your little one sleeps in a separate cot in the same room.

A bedside crib offers you the benefits of co-sleeping (letting your baby sleep in your bed with you), but with the added safety of them having their own space. Bedside cots are usually suitable from birth up until when your baby is around six months old, or when they can start to pull themselves up to sitting.

What to look for when buying a bedside crib

Side panel: Check if you can sleep with the side of the crib lowered, as this means you can see and reach your baby more easily. If your baby is likely to nap in the crib when you’re not in bed beside her, make sure the side panel is easy to re-attach.

Storage: Pockets or shelves for storing nappy changing essentials in are very handy on a bedside crib, especially if your room isn’t huge.

Fabric: The crib fabric should be easy to clean in case your baby is unwell or has a nappy leak. It should be easy to remove and re-attach, and machine-washable.

Mattress: Bedside cribs come with the mattress supplied, but check that it’s suitably substantial to provide a comfortable sleep for your baby.

Incline: Some cribs have an incline feature so you can elevate the mattress to soothe symptoms of reflux. Check that it’s easy to adjust without waking your baby.

Bedding: Your baby’s bedding must fit the crib and mattress securely, with no loose sheets. Check whether standard crib sheets will fit, or if you need to buy specialist bedding, which might be an additional expense.

Bassinet: Some cribs have a detachable bassinet, which you can use in another room for naps. Check it’s light enough to carry easily from room to room.

Design: Safety and comfort are the most important features of a crib, but pick one you can happily live with in your bedroom for the next six months! Think about where you’ll put it when your baby outgrows it, and choose one that folds compactly if you plan to keep it for another baby.

Extra features: Some of the cribs we tested have features designed to help settle your baby, such as rocking. You might think you don’t need this, but many babies find it soothing. A rocking crib may spare you from pacing the floor with a wakeful baby!

How much does a bedside crib cost?

The bedside cribs and cots we tested range from £80-£230. You'll notice that those with more features such as a rocking function were more expensive so it entirely depends on how useful you think these will be for you and your baby.

The best bedside cribs and cots 2021

Best budget bedside cot

Suitable from: birth to 6 months/9kg
Height positions: 5
Crib dimensions: 95 x 82 x 70 cm
Tilt: No
Rock: No

A great budget-friendly option, this bedside crib features a zip-down side panel and two clip-on straps to hold it safely against your bed. You can use it as a stand-alone crib too. There's an adjustable incline to help with reflux, and a five-height adjustment. Includes a free bed sheet worth £20.

Amazon review: "We bought this for our 3 month old as he had outgrown his Moses basket. Really easy to assemble and comes with a firm mattress and two sheets. Great for night feeds and he has slept well in it from the first night with no issues. Would use again from day one next time."

Best bedside crib for flexibility

Suitable from: birth to 6 months/9kg
Height positions: 5
Crib dimensions: L93cm x W55.5cm x H74.5cm
Tilt: Yes
Rocks: No 

The Maxi-Cosi lora won the Gold award at the 2021 M&B Awards in the Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket category.

The Iora gives parents peace of mind to rest easy knowing that their baby is sleeping in the utmost luxury, only an arm's reach away. It is sophisticated, adjustable and comes with a mattress. The are five different height positions to choose from and a co-sleeping slide function.

Mum Jasmine Abbott tested the crib for the 2021 M&B Awards; she says: "This crib is fantastic, I love it. It’s a great design. Really easy to set up and use. It’s the perfect height I was able to pick my baby up with ease right from bringing him home after I had a C-section."

Read our full review of the Maxi-Cosi Iora Bedside Crib here

Best all-round bedside crib

Suitable from: birth to 6 months/9kg
Height positions: 10
Crib dimensions: 96 x 53 x 82 cm
Tilt: No
Rocks: No

The Clair de Lune bedside crib won Gold at the 2020 Mother&Baby in the best cot, crib or moses basket category. 

Made from natural, handwoven grey wicker, the Clair de Lune Beside Crib can attach to your bed while sitting on a fully adjustable wooden stand. This crib was designed with your baby's safety in mind, while being a particularly spacious crib, and allowing your baby to grow. 

Mum Hannah tested the crib for the 2020 M&B Awards; she says: "I find it a lot easier to get to my baby in the night because I can have the side flap down. As the bed is a lot bigger I feel more happy and comfortable that my baby has the room to have a wiggle! From a cost perspective, I feel this will last my baby a lot longer so I am getting the most out of my money."

Read our full review of the Clair de Lune bedside crib here.

Best bedside crib for easy assembly

Suitable from: birth to 6 months/9kg
Height positions: 6
Crib dimensions: 94 x 69 x 66cm
Tilt: Yes
Rocks: No

This co-sleeping crib has been shortlisted in the M&B Awards for several years, won Gold in 2017 in the Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket category, and a year later was shortlisted in the 2018 M&B awards. It's a consistently popular choice with mums and always impresses the experts. 

This converts easily from a co-sleeper to stand-alone crib – ideal if you want to switch between naps and night-time. It’s height-adjustable, quick to assemble, and easy to attach to your bed. It weighs just 9kg and comes with a handy travel bag. The mattress can be inclined, making it suitable for babies with reflux. 

Tested by mum Hannah Jhutti for the Mother & Baby awards 2018; she said: "This was much easier to use than a Moses basket. My back was hurting from having to lean over the bed to lift baby out, but with this crib next to me, I just sat up and scooped baby out! During the night, if baby cried, I could reach in and hold his hand or stroke him to comfort him back to sleep. I loved being able to see him lying next to me, knowing he was safe and that I couldn't roll on to him"

Read our full review of the Chicco Next2me Crib here

Best bedside crib for portability

Suitable from: birth to 6 months/9kg
Height positions: 7
Crib dimensions: 100 x 49 x 95 cm
Tilt: Yes
Rocks: Yes

The SnuzPod bedside crib won Bronze in the 2020 M&B Awards Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket category.

Designed for use from birth to six months, the SnuzPod allows you to sleep next to your baby within easy reach when the nightfeeds occur. It has a light bassinet and can be used as a bedside crib, stand-alone crib or a Moses basket/bassinet. It has nine different height settings ensuring the crib is the right height for your bed, as well as an optional reflux incline function.

Tested by mum Jade for the 2020 M&B Awards; she said: "This product has been the lifesaver I didn’t know I needed! The reflux arm has been so useful due to my baby suffering from both silent reflux and a lot of mucus post birth which has taken a fair amount of time to shift. The viewing window either side allows it can lay either side of the bed which means me and my partner can alternate nights and also allows me to feel less anxious as I can see her so visibly! Removing the top part has been incredible too as I have a toddler who wakes at the crack of dawn and a newborn who loves her sleep, so it allows me to transport her around the house without disturbing her. I am also able to breastfeed my baby without having to remove her from the crib due to the zip down sides."

Read our full review of the SnuzPod 3 crib here

Best value for money bedside crib

Suitable from: birth to 6 months/9kg (two years with conversion kit)
Height positions: 7
Crib dimensions: 95 x 56 x 83 cm
Tilt: Yes
Rocks: No

Shortlisted in the 2021 M&B awards in the best cot, crib or moses basket category.

Designed to maximise airflow and make it easy to see your baby via the mesh sides, this crib converts to a standalone cot for use up to two years (conversion kit sold separately, £109.95.). To reduce the risk of over- heating, it comes with a hypo-allergenic fibre mattress that’s 50 per cent more breathable than standard foam mattresses. It has storage space for nighttime essentials, and an incline setting to help soothe the symptoms of reflux.

Tested by mum Paige Barker for the Mother & Baby awards 2021; she said: "The idea of a crib next to me bed always appealed to me more than a Moses basket, due to it being bigger and the baby being able to stay in my room for the full 6 months advised. This bed is great quality, nice colours and looks very nice. It’s sturdy, but light enough to move if I ever want to push it away from the bed. Overall a great bed."

Read our full review of the Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib here.

Best bedside crib for cleaning

Suitable from: birth to 6 months/9kg
Height positions: 7
Crib dimensions: L101cm x W61cm x H67-84.5cm
Tilt: Yes
Rock: No 

The Voyager co-sleeper is designed to keep your baby closer to you, so you both get a great night's sleep. The deep foam mattress, mesh air-flow panels and optional incline setting offer the best comfort for your little one. The quick-and-easy, compact fold makes the Voyager ideal for holidays or nights away from home. We really liked that the removable fabric can easily be washed. 

Our mum tester Sian said: "Sleep-deprived and ready to try anything that gave us a slither of extra sleep, we were eager to try the Silver Cross Voyager Co-Sleeper. The immediately obvious gain was the ability to place it flush to the bed and zip down the side to, in essence, create an extension of our bed, making those checks infinitely easier. The ability to touch your baby without moving from the comfort of your bed offered much-needed comfort to both us and the baby in the middle of the night. I honestly can’t emphasize the benefits of this feature enough, it really was a game-changer and helped us to relax a bit more in those blurry first few months as parents."

Read our full review of the Silver Cross Voyager Co-Sleeper here.

Best bedside crib for breathability

Suitable from: birth to 6 months/9kg
Height positions: 6
Crib dimensions: 96 x 56 x 13 cm
Tilt: Yes
Rock: No 

This bedside crib won Gold in the 2019 M&B Awards Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket category, so you know you've got a good one here.

This bedside crib is breathable and hypo-allergenic, with mesh sides that can be removed and machine washed. It can be used as a standalone crib or as a side sleeper, and it’s easy to attach to your bed with a drop-side rail and connection system. It has six height settings and an incline mode to help soothe symptoms of reflux. It comes with its own bag for easy storage and transportation.

Tested by mum Stacey for the 2019 M&B Awards: "I would recommend this to other mums because it’s totally breathable and this is reassuring and essential with a newborn or small baby. The design is very sturdy and well made, making it a very robust cot that you can fully trust. It’s very attractive and modern looking. The fact that it’s fairly lightweight means that you can transport it easily. It was very quick and straightforward to assemble too."

Read our full review of the Purflo Keep Me Close Breathable Bedside Crib here

Best bedside crib for travel use

Suitable from: birth to 6 months/9kg
Height positions: 6
Crib dimensions: 92 x 56 x 69 cm
Tilt: Yes
Rock: Yes 

The Tutti Bambini CoZee won Bronze in the 2018 M&B Awards Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket category.

So quick and easy to open and fold – just the ticket if you’re looking for a truly travel-friendly option. You can use
it as a co-sleeper or as a standalone crib, and it’s height adjustable to match your bed. There’s a handy storage shelf for stashing nappies, and the breathable mesh window makes it easy to keep an eye on your baby. We love the incline setting to help ease reflux. The only downside our mum testers found was that it was wood effect, not wood, which is not as environmentally friendly or sustainable. 

Tested by dad Grant Garvin for the Mother&Baby Awards 2018: "I would recommend the CoZee because it is stylish, comfy for baby and very safe. Once you have put it up once, it is easy to take down and reassemble without having to look at the instructions. It is easy to clean, has a tilt feature for when babies have reflux and comes with a storage bag with a padded strap for carrying it around. The crib is sturdy and wobbles less than other similar products on the market!"

Read our full review of the Tutti Bambini CoZee here

Best bedside crib for rocking baby to sleep

Suitable from: birth to 6 months/9kg
Height positions: 11
Crib dimensions: 92 x 56 x 69 cm
Tilt: Yes
Rock: Yes 

Shortlisted in the 2021 M&B Awards Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket category, the Next2me Magic is a newer version from Chicco, more advanced than ever.

The push of a button is all it takes to remove the side of this bedside crib. Our favourite feature is the rocking mode– it’s brilliant for soothing babies back to sleep! The mesh mattress and side panels allow for plenty of air to circulate, and it ’s easy to adjust the height to suit your bed. It has four tilt levels to help ease reflux, and we love that the legs have swivel wheels and brakes.

Tested for the 2021 M&B Awards by mum Lauren; she said: "I would recommend this product for a number of reasons but the main one being that it is big enough that it will last any baby for at least the first 6month in a parent’s room... It was also easier to get baby in and out for night feeds. The added features of the being able to tilt it or rock it was great to have if you needed it."

Read our full review of the Chicco Next2me Magic crib here

Things to think about before buying

Don't forget this checklist...

Is it suitable for your bed?

A bedside crib must be compatible with your bed, as the baby’s mattress must be level with your own. If your bed is lower or higher than most, opt for a crib that’s height-adjustable. Triple-check compatibility as some cribs are designed to clip on to bedstead frames and therefore won’t work with a divan.

Check if the bedside crib mattress is a standard size

If it isn’t, you might be limited to buying bedding from the crib manufacturer, which could prove to be more expensive than regular bedding, so factor this into your budget. Check, too, whether the mattress is included or has to be bought separately at extra expense.

How easy is it to assemble?

Some bedside cribs are easy to assemble without the use of power tools, while others will test your DIY skills, and possibly your patience!

Do you want to co-sleep?

Bedside cribs usually have a side panel that can be lowered so you can see and touch your baby. Some let you keep the panel down at night so you get the closeness and convenience of co-sleeping without the risks of bed-sharing. Others are designed so that the side panel pops back up after you lift your baby out – these are a good option if you have concerns about the risks of co-sleeping.

Can you use it as a standalone crib?

Many bedside cribs are designed to convert to standalone cribs. This can be useful if you want to use the crib elsewhere in the house for daytime naps, or keep it in your room but move it away from your bed once your baby starts sleeping for longer at night. If you think you’ll convert the crib back and forth from a co-sleeper to a standalone crib regularly, choose one which is robust and doesn’t need to be attached to your bed. If you’re happy to keep the crib attached to your bed for the duration of its use, don’t spend extra money on the standalone functionality.

How much space have you got?

Bedside cribs come in many different sizes, so consider the size of your bedroom and how much space you need to get in and out of bed without disturbing your baby. If you’re tight on space, choose a compact crib, but factor in that your baby might outgrow a smaller crib before she’s six months old.

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