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The best light projectors for babies that will (almost) guarantee you a full night's sleep

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The best light projectors for babies

Sleep. It’s funny how you take it for granted until suddenly you’re not getting any. And is there anything more annoying than the ‘sleep when they sleep’ advice? We want to sleep at night. Preferably uninterrupted. Even just for a few hours.

Which is where a light projector comes in.

These soothing sleep aids could help calm your little one to sleep and keep them occupied if they do wake in the night. Plus, if you do have to make a trip into their room in the small hours, they’ll negate the need for turning on a bright, overhead light. Meaning that both of you should get back to sleep quicker.

How to choose the perfect light projector:

First up, consult your budget. As with all baby gear, you don’t want to spend a lot on something you’re not sure your little one will like. 

Have a look at where the electrical sockets are in relation to the crib, as you don’t want your baby to be dazzled by the light of a projector, or to be able to grab it from his cot.

How often will you use a light projector?

It could be every night.

How much money should I spend on a light projector? 

Our picks range from £24 to £130. Don’t break your budget.

Are light projectors safe?

Yes, so long as you follow the basic rules of all electrical lights and keep small parts away from children. And do keep an eye out for product recalls. 

The best light projectors for babies:

The best award-winning light projector for baby 

This has a cute moon and lightshow plus 18 lullabies to help get your little one to the land of nod. It’s an audio monitor too and allows you to speak to your baby from another room.

This took the prestigious Gold award for Best Baby Monitor in the Mother&Baby Awards 2018.

Tested by mum Jade Carrick for the Mother&Baby Awards 2018: "I was taken aback at how easy the monitor was to set up and quickly fell in love with the additional features. The sweet little light show and lovely music is perfect for setting a calming environment and my baby loved gazing at the lights. The talk back function was brilliant and the monitor is sensitive enough yet not too loud."

Read our full review of the BT Audio Baby Monitor 450 here

Any downsides? It needs recharging often.

Best stylish light projector for baby

This is a brilliant, flexible product with a variety of sounds from heart beats to tunes, and star projections for little eyes to follow. It looks good too.

It won silver in the best sleep product category in the Mother&Baby Awards 2017.

Tested by mum Alina Davies for the M&B Awards 2017: "I would absolutely recommend this product to every parent I know! It is really useful from newborn age to much older. For newborns the white noise is perfect (and really works). The stars give them something to look at and for their eyes to follow - my little boy loves looking at it. For older children the stars look fabulous in their bedrooms and help them drift off to sleep watching them. There is also music for older ones with different time settings."

Read our full review of the Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother here

Any downsides? Our testers felt that a clock and temperature gauge would make it even more multi-functional. 

The best light projector for babies up to the age of two

This boasts a three-in-one design that will soothe newborns to two year olds to sleep with an easily interchangeable image projection canopy (for younger babies), a music box with ceiling projection (for older babies) and a starry night lamp (for toddlers).

It was awarded Gold in the best sleep product category in the Mother&Baby Awards 2015.

Read our full review of the here

Any downsides? It’s pretty gaudy, so may not be to everyone’s taste.

Best multi-functional light projector for baby

This genius product is a monitor, lightshow and temperature gauge in one. It allows you to talk to your baby remotely too.

It was shortlisted in the Best Baby Monitor category 2017 and took silver in the 2016 Mother&Baby Awards.

Tested by mum Rebecca Hall for the M&B Awards 2017: "This monitor is brilliant, it is easy to use and set up. Good quality sound monitor, a variety of settings to allow you to found the perfect setting for your baby to drift to sleep. It is small enough to be portable about the house, has a great range. You can monitor room temperature, it alarms if it gets too hot and allows you to talk to your baby remotely."

Any downsides? It’s not cheap.

Read our full review of the BT 350 Digital Baby Monitor Lightshow here

The best baby light projector for co-sleeping

This lovely little projector has a universal fit, so can be attached to a number of different cribs. It's suitable from birth and comes complete with a removable, washable soft toy. The night light features 30 minutes of music and projection including classical, new age and nature sounds.

Any downsides? It’s battery operated and goes through them at quite a rate.

The best-looking light projector for baby

This sleepy turtle is simply adorable. It projects a starry sky onto ceilings and walls, and turns off automatically after 45 minutes. It comes in blue, brown or purple.

Any downsides? It’s pretty bright so may not be brilliant for small rooms.

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